Virginia -4th November ‘15 -Earthquake on Eastern Edge of Craton, or DUMB -Action/Reaction Catalyst?

You may recall the 2011 Virginia 5.8M earthquake which occurred on August 23 at 1:51:04 p.m. local time. There is some negation of todays 2.6M EQ, which was first reported as a 2.8M and has been rolled back in the data up on the USGS 2.5M plus EQ event site. 

Here is some of the current data and a link of interest. *1  

Todays EQ just south of Charlottesville, and west of Richmond, Virginia.

Historic EQ’s along the eastern edge of the North American Craton in the Virginian area. 

But, was subduction the only reason that this particular region has presented instability today?  It has been predicted by quite knowledgeable researchers, so it true comes as no surprise. I only suggest that there may be a reason the this area specifically became the epicenter. Why was it the point of maximum pressure build and release? Like Fracking, is there another potential reason for this locations activity?

The Link below lists U.S. locations of DUMBS -Deep Underground Military Bases – their connecting railways are a given. The question is, by what means are these burrows and tunnels being created? 

Take the leap or not the research is available. This is only one quick search link. It is one that may enlighten you regarding where you live.  

image credit unknown/opensource


otterwalks:  4th November 2015


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