Significant Earthquakes Register North of Phenix -Arizona

A dormant volcano exists nearby these earthquakes. It is next to the Aqua Fria National Monument, east of the rocky basaltic plateau which separates the crater from the Aqua Fria River. The Agua Fria river canyon has cut through this plateau exposing precambrian rock along the canyon walls. This is yet another one of the multiple western state -dormant – volcanos which is showing EQ activity on the southwest edge of the North American Craton.

This is what is online at this time regarding last nights three EQ’s. It does not report the whys, only the events…

4.1-magnitude earthquake shakes metro Phoenix

Residents reported shaking across metro Phoenix on Sunday night amid at least three quakes that struck near Black Canyon City.

Michael Conway of the Arizona Geological Survey said Monday morning that scientists had not identified the causative fault line yet. He also said there will be aftershocks over the next few days, many of them too small to feel.

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The numerous, broad range of west coast volcanic earthquake sites are not being discussed by the Corporate Media and Governmental Geologic data agenda; that or they just have no clue.

For further data, see this link and the many others it will lead you to fro DUTCHSINSE.

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otterwalks: 2nd November 2015


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