NEXRAD KTBW Tampa Bay -Ruskin, Florida

This tidbit of data was censored every which way possible, hope you find it…

@Sharon, Here are three different Radar imagery sites. In the first -Intellacast -you will note that the image center is off of the chart or legend. It is beyond extreme RF in the UK -Unknown, portrayed in white. These are base readings that project at 0.50 degrees, out to 124 NMI Range. That is a very low projectory. 

This continues outside of our sensory ranges. It is various forms of Radiation which have been labeled with socially acceptable terms like Radar and Frequency. It is a nefarious agenda which has many avenues. There are no losses in these actions for those that continue them; only further refinement. The end goal; DEW -Directed Energy Weaponization. This is a part of the new arms race. It goes to Extreme Weather, Social Engineering, Psychotronics -Mind Control, Energy weapons, Eugenics or the De-population agenda, and far more.

otterwalks: 18th October 2015 Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…


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