HAARP -IRI Event Columbus AFB -Greenwood Springs, Mississippi

Following several days of NEXRAD R and D or Weather Modification Operations: time will tell… Circumscribed radiants have oscillated, spinning laser beacons in 360 degree wheels from Texas to Florida along the Gulf coast, and northward through the mid-Atlantic region. The imagery clearly shows an amplified next generation experimentation or actuation of the Tesla mystic fomentation of the scalar bottle paradox. *1 

Very likely, this region has been saturated with aerosols creating a conductive electromagnetic slip stream. This dense, metaled field negates friction, aiding inertia, optimizing the passage of frequencies which reside beyond the human senses. In all reality the future weapons program is akin to the mind set of past tactical weapons development. It is analogous with the Neutron bomb in a 2.0 way… Until this event, it seemed that a multipart article with the engagements of multiple intersecting lasers with their negation of matter would be presented. Hopefully, they will be presented after this powerful RF/EMF, Synthetic Plasmic events imagery. They are not as rare, indeed they are a major part of the Weather Modification Agenda. Any of a half dozen NEXRAD installations will present wheels quite frequently in this area. 

Columbus AFB in MS, imaged as the center of this massive invasive radiant burst. Its strength was such that for a short time, approximately one half hour it over road the upgraded filter systems that have actively censored these classically called HAARP events. NEXRAD itself has, with its continued upgrades, the capacity to form ring events that mimic the generally used 3.1 billion watt oscillations of todays globally placed ionospheric heaters outputs. The imagery from the Echo Tops format is the tell regarding the incoming surge. These are generated synthetic plasmic transference3s that are rebound off of the ionosphere, where NEXRAD sends out phased array frequencies that return and are image thus. They do not ascend beyond the stratosphere. By that altitude they peak, whereas this is registered as rings, as will be shown below, with the Echo Tops format. 

That said, here for your awakening and general consideration are images from todays HAARP -IRI -Event…  First, clearly off the chart returns from intellcast Base Reflectivity…

CONUS2 MergedReflectivityComposite…   

NIU -Northern Illinois University imagery…   

NWS -Always the first domino to begin censorship of this type event, should it pass through their negation systems.       

UCAR Imagery…    

ACCU-Weather single site loop…      

This is the new highly filtered national imagery from the same.   

Cod -College of DuPage -single site stills and loops…     

Here are three Echo top images from the passage, each ten minutes apart. At the end there will be longer loops that put these images into context…   

Below is the Hydrometeor Format; it is running in clear air mode, yet the pulse is shown as precipitation… 

All of the Weather Underground imagery which had been placed in this article has been negated. It is nowhere to be found. That begins to show you just how badly this covert agenda is NOT wanted out for public view. That despite the fact that We The People own these systems and their imagery is for our varied uses. 

As well, this was from 10:30 AM through 11:00 AM, when the censorship kicked in fully across the board with its many different forms. 

That on top of constant crashes and the need to reboot three times while collecting data…   Err!…

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  15th October 2015


About otterwalks:

Iroquois; Mohawk: Member Longhouse Medicine Society. Tasked by elders to aid the Awakening. Healer, working to negate the ill effects of the pernicious Technocratic attack upon life. Detoxification, balanced living, and critical thought are today's preeminent necessities. Card Carrying Member Native American Church. Have never used a cell phone. I am looking for MacBooks that are unused. i will pay shipping, need not your HD, and rebuild. I do not use Facebook, Twitter, et al. . Archiving IRI Events, Aerosols, Weather Modification, GeoEngineering Operations, all, for future evidentiary presentation. That goes to the Crimes Against Humanity now being perpetrated Globally! We are being Exterminated! It is called Eugenics...! o... Survive All... Awareness is Preparedness... o... Look Up!
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