Synthetic Plasmic Pulse Bracketville -Laughlin AFB NEXRAD KDFX Installation Operation

Following the last noted RF/EMF Event comes another Texas based radiant pulse attack. Link to 17th September 2015 NEXRAD HAARP Event:

As it continues at this time covering over 8 hours this is only a sample of the NEXRAD HAARP -IRI like returns. A return to this long running operation will doubtless be needed. For now this short report will show some of the imagery. It is 6 AM Eastern -3rd October 2015 and here are some few loops and stills. You can see this event on many live feed Radar sites. As always they are beginning to censor returns. Here is a link that you may use to see the course of this Technocratic contaminant:

Quick Link:  

While there is no guarantee that the returns will loop correctly, it is worth the look see. Here are some returns… First is early in the event on the second October, followed by imagery from the third. This is the CONUS2 MergedReflecityComposite imagery format…  

Quick Link:  

This is the up to the moment current imagery. 

Here is an image from CoD NEXRAD single site radar…  

From the same site; the Echo Tops format. In this instance, it is the first ringed image to appear in the systems loop…  

Continuing with a variety of sites and return types; this is satellite radar from UNISYS. As many do, it runs on UTC time; five hours later then local time: Texas…

These are from the UCAR site and show the beginning of this ongoing electromagnetic pulse. 

More when time permits…

otterwalks:  3rd October 2015


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