On DARPA -Exposing The Technocratic Manipulation of The Temporal World


Yes, even the manufactured printed word is released as a weaponized system. More frequently, Xenoestrogens *1 such as BPA, BPS, and many thousands of estrogen mimickers, endocrine disrupters, and doubtless further covert toxins that convert or bend gender, are prevalent in the environment. To the initiate, one that continues to detox, evaluating the lesser of evils working endlessly to halve, the ubiquitous presence of this binary construct methodology through careful usage of data minus the dissemination of Frequency is an applied process. This and other truth media presentations aid in mental exercise, building Critical Thought processes. This, in light of the daily dream time, waking state intake which is Technocracy implementing its attack. Here is one overt disclosure, its revelations open source; connecting the dots of the technological De-population, Eugenics agenda construct, which is; The War on Humanity: bending all life toward transmutation or the slow death, the culling of the weak…

The contextual history of DARPA, that has been keep covert overall, is to a degree exposed in The Pentagon’s Brain. *2 This is destined to become another tour de force by research author Annie Jacobsen. This is a powerful connect the dots, albeit only as complete as open source data allows, explanation and exposure of the who, how, where, when, and why Technocracy works today toward Globalist and Eugenics Agendas. 

If you have read AREA 51 or the author’s OPERATION PAPERCLIP, you know of this book. If you have not, you are behind the curve and this is an educational book that will awaken you. The Technocratic Elite that is one and the same as those Eisenhower warned of exposing The Technocratic Military Industrial Complex.

If you wish to continue on the path of disinformation, to have your critical thinking processes numbed through various agendas, willingly becoming part and parcel of a herd mentality; Do Not read this Treatise: continue your victimization in this rapidly progressing Death Cult, Slow Kill Agenda. Give up free will, continue on the path of frequency -radiation -exposure. Continue the absorption of Mind Control disseminated through multifarious, DARPA created, technology. Eat your GMO’s, take vaccines, regurgitate the talking points -propaganda -disseminated by Corporate run media, expose yourself to the foundation-ally created DARPA video games; the list of abhorrent Technocratic venues is vehemently,  exponentially quite literally being dumped upon Humanity! 

Here are a few of the statements made by platforms that are frequently sighted as pretext rationalizations, in rare times they present confirmations… 

In closing, for now, here is a Quote on the subject; only one of the heterogeneous operations expanding through technocratic abuses. 

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife. A wide range of substances, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause endocrine disruption, including pharmaceuticals, dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as bisphenol A. Endocrine disruptors may be found in many everyday products– including plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides. The NIEHS supports studies to determine whether exposure to endocrine disruptors may result in human health effects including lowered fertility and an increased incidence of endometriosis and some cancers. Research shows that endocrine disruptors may pose the greatest risk during prenatal and early postnatal development when organ and neural systems are forming.  *3

As of October 2011 the list of probable endocrine disruptors stood at approximately 870 chemicals.

Quick Link to Home Page *2 -*1 and *3  for further data:

*1  http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2013/03/synthetic-endocrine-disrupting.html  

*2   http://anniejacobsen.com/

*3  http://www.themindfulword.org/2013/disappearing-male-fossil-fuels/

For your consideration and or edification:

otterwalks:   2nd October 2015  -Survive All  -Awareness is Preparedness   


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  1. RedHeadedBookLover says:

    Oh my gosh I want to read this book so badly! I LOVED her two other books, especially Area 51 so I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Great review by the way and awesome blog


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