Laughlin AFB -Bracketville, Texas Ionospheric Heater -HAARP Impact Centered NEXRAD KDFX

On 17 September 2015, NEXRAD -KDFX -Laughlin AFB -Bracketville, Texas was center registry of an ionospheric heater -synthetic plasmic event. Frequently labeled HAARP, that label has been changed to IRI for that location and surrounding systems. This is a somewhat successful attempt to confuse and obviate. It has created confusion regarding these future weapons, their origins, technologic engineering, frequencies and their power levels, and added to preexisting propaganda, a new level of complication to the dialogue. In the future, at some point to simplify, a blanket label covering the actuality of the many formats Globally in use should be introduced. As this new weapons race runs amuck, HAARP, IRI, Ionospheric Heaters, DEW, et al. could/may be best said to be as they are Synthetic Plasmic Operations. That is a very compressed thought that would still need further clarification as there are Micro wave, Laser, Interfaced NEXRAD Algorithm Weather Modification and more to assess and divulge through communicatory efforts.

NEXRAD, with it’s interfaced Algorithm, has been under continuos upgrade and it becomes ever more apparent that the system filters out data from the returns. Thus, a censorship is being created which simply negates the frequencies that are the R and D spectrum of the Operations. 

When one of this family of synthetic plasmic generators impacts there are multifarious agendas. Even a failed or flawed event return is a plus in the refinement process. A failure equals a stopping point to a research direction; that is a plus in R and D. It is one potential that can be stricken from future efforts, hence a plus in the overall projects endgame.

Here are some of the returns from this event. It appears to have covered an hour, though, as you will see, as is the commonality, The Algorithm and those that have created it have negated, scrambled, and other wise stopped the data from live feed streams. 

First are images from the UCAR Radar imaging system. The beginning of what is now commonly called Gravity Waves are visible. While these images have been created in clear air mode, and the satellite imagery shows clear skies, it does not negate the presence of an atmospheric radiant field. It is a given that satellite imagery filters aerosols from the loops that are presented. It may well be that the skies were filled with conductive aerosol fields that are responsible for the parallel striations seen in the imagery below.

These are from The Conus2 Merged Reflectivity system. 

College of DuPage Regional Flanis… First Event image annotated… 

CoD single site imagery with contextual loops showing at least some of the facts of this Eugenics Attack…

Below is the HCA -Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm return. This shows a mid legend existence labeled BD -Big Drops: But No Precipitation Exists! 

Here are two images from the Echo Tops Format. The first is from the start as reported, the second, near the end, with rings and Sine Waves beginning to form.

One of the Accu Weather loops… In the past these striations where commonly labeled Sine Waves. This fits the profile of electromagnetic induction in clear air. That is of course a relative statement as the most recent NASA reports tell of SRM successes of one third reduction in the suns rays reaching earth. GeoEngineering is a fact of life and it will end when Technocracy succeeds in the refinement of this future weapons technology. or its technique comes inline with its M.A.D. goals.

Here are some more returns, they each have their own labels regarding their creation systems… 

Below is the -new filtered Hi-Res Mosaic from UNISYS. They have put up a new disclaimer, and as you can see, very little is left of the massive frequencies deployed across the ConUS. 

NWS… Generally the first to negate data…

At this time a day later you can still go to Intellicast and see that the loop has been frozen during yesterdays event. Here is a quick link to KDFX…


otterwalks:  18th September 2015

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