HAARP -IRI -Ionospheric Heater Event -KARX NEXRAD -LaCrosse, WI

An Ionospheric Heater event covering at least 3 hours has taken place centered at NEXRAD -KARX -LaCrosse, WI.

This after three days of extreme radiant wheel activity which will be evaluated later. There are over 153 loops covering 3 days that go to the scalar wheel operations out of NEXRAD -KUEX -Hastings, NB and KMPX -St Paul -Twin Cities, MN.

This is a short presentment of the evaluation of events over these past days. Here are some loops that will begin to show the silent radiation based attack.

Should you be so inclined, and live in the northern plains region, any data, or personal experiences are welcome in comment form. From aerosol footage to device malfunction, physiological experiences of mind fog, hearing -the Hum -or any other pertinent experiences: they may aid in the fleshing out of these operations. The frequencies show numerous agendas regarding this operation. It was electromagnetically primed for three days prior to the mammoth radiant permeations of today. This, the region just northeast, doubtless, of a static field permeated over the west, southwest, of Lacrosse. Essentially downwind, and likely having had a conductive metallic compendium of metals created using aerosol disbursal over the region.

This device has yet to recover from the -Vacation -with all of the corruption that was brought into play, thus, this is hopefully the first of a number of reports relating the geophysical, Technocratic Scalar and generically labeled HAARP event as seen below.

Here is a single shot from the NEXRAD wheels that will in time be presented. This is a NEXGEN Operation using Tesla Scalar Bottle Paradox to create, for lack of better terms, an opening of multi-dimensional nature. Yes, something like you will hear David Icke, Harald Kautz-Vella, and others speak to regarding alien influence. Be it real and of the here and now, or an access to knowledge beyond current technologies; Tesla Mysticism cubed….

Here is a single shot which shows cities and roadways.

This is a loop from CoD in Base Reflectivity.

Below is the Hydrometeor Category… This, in clear air…

Here Are Echo Tops imagery. showing the ring activity stratospherically; or at 70,000 feet cork screwing down the path of the synthetic plasmic pulsation.

Last, for now is a satellite loop showing the event covering a longer time frame for the event. It is on the half hour registry and shows a presence at 12:30.


otterwalks: 1st September, 2015

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