Grand Forks, North Dakota -Ionospheric Heater Censored Event -NEXRAD KMVX Registers Center

On Friday -14th August 2015, NEXRAD KMVX -Grand Forks, North Dakota began to wipe returns from public resources pertaining to an Ionospheric Heater event that registered center at the KMVX installation.

It was only seen as absent frames in the loops -see the time stamps -that are supplied by the complicit agenda of covert government Radar data sources. There is a visual negation of this event across the system which is confirmed in the examination of the time stamps. Commonly known as a HAARP Ring, this event which spans 22 hours and 25 minutes, has redundant confirmation present in its accessible data streams. The imagery which was produced by The Algorithm first went blank, or the event was painted out of system imagery across the board, as is obvious in the CONUS2 information releases. The only frame -8:37 UTC or 3:37 local -which shows the event is an image created of the sizzle of dissolution, reduction, or depletion of the static energy, which was imbued and left mark of such; revealed at the end of the attack. This, as the Synthetic Plasmic Pulse neared dissipation to a point that the off the chart electromagnetic surge could begin to be recognized as the overload faded in intensity and imagery thus formed. 

As is often the case, the origin of this Eugenics Op remains unknown. However, given the continued growth in the DoD Budget allotment for DEW -R and D, and the fact that the west has systems in place that dwarf those of other origins; it was most likely generated at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, and at that, from a location under U.S. auspices.

Below is the last frame and the resumption of imagery post DEW Event. There could ba any number of agendas within the bounds of this Operation. Some Weather Modification was in evidence, though there were no publications of Extreme Weather events to follow. There is recorded, some evidence that Psychotronic frequency was interwoven in this action.

In the upper right hand corner the label Base Reflectivity -0.5 degrees Precipitation Mode is visible. The light gray is the perimeter Range Ring for KMVX. It is not the entire diameter of the radiant tomographic passage.

Same Time Stamp -this shown as the Base Velocity at 0.5 degrees.

Here in short gif format, you can see the circumjacent RF signature in magenta as the electromagnetic oscillation continues to fade post this duration of impact.

The Time Stamp below, on the right, shows the same data as all of the other Radar systems. The change, or wiped dat begins on the 14th at 10:12 Zulu, and returns to standard loop at 8:37 Zulu on the 15th august 2015.

Again in The Weather Underground imagery the data is synchronized. 

These are single frame returns from NEXLAB, College of DuPage, all of which are of the 8:37 UTC DeFacto evidence of the passage of this IRI Radiant event. The different formats are labeled in the bottom of the frame on the left at the start of the data stream.

This is always fascinating, it is the Echo Tops format, the register of the event from the stratospheric view at 70,000 foot elevation. Here we get only a snippet of a peak of the rings that passed through, impacting North Dakota and surrounding States, as well as into Canada… That says something of the relationship of the interfaced nature of this global, Technocratic Agenda.

Here, to add perspective, are 24 image loops which show how this slow kill, illegal, experimentation was presented for the public using systems that are under the auspices of Public domain. That is to say We The People Own these systems. It is The Republics monies that fund them and transparency has been corrupted; experimentation upon the unknowing, ill-informed silent majority being highly abused by a Death Cult based in Eugenics!

This is the Hydrometeor Classification. It is used to show the type of precipitant that is active in the location. These images have been presented in clear air mode, the reason being that there is nothing to register of that nature. And yet, the 8:37 UTC image shows as such…

The above is the Echo Tops format as presented. Remember, there is a near day long negation of this action upon the local and that it is Outside of Law. 

More as the system fails in its attempts to completely negate and or falsify the Truth of this Radiant, Co-opted Tesla Mysticism now well developed by the Social Engineers known as the Technocratic body politic.

otterwalks:  19th August 2015


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