Montana Rumbles in Dormant Volcanic Crater

Here is yet another above M2.5 earthquake in Montana. This one, a M2.7, is listed as 42km ENE of Seeley Lake, Montana, on the 9th August 2015.

By now you know this is linked to the Yellowstone Caldera on the western side. Furthermore as you will see it is centered in a volcanic crater.

This appears to be on the eastern side of the Lewis and Clark Fault Zone. More specifically it is listed as the Hope Fault running from Idaho into northwestern Montana.


This is easterly from the North American Craton western edge, yet is a product of the influences of both the Craton overall and the Yellowstone Caldera. This is the reported image from the USGS Public report of above M2.5 Seismic events. 

You will see as the satellite imagery zooms in, that this is centered in a dormant Volcanic Crater… Here are the reports and imagery…

This last image is of the Northeastern edge of this topographic feature.

This is the current USGS EQ Hazards map for reference. It appears to be in the orange portion of this particular legend;just below the 50 percentile level.

Non Sequitur: Due to continued cyber issues this site has fallen behind. There are other links which carry specialist data on this type of event. I urge you to do your own research.  Don’t waist your time on earth with DARPA -Globalist -Eugenics Mind Control Platforms.

Join with myself and others that have stopped turning on the TV, playing video -DARPA -Mind Control -games, and investing in any form of Corporate Media written Swill. 

Frequency is way beyond anything that is of focus in the generic, waking state, mind set of this temporal world as it is given… 

Your Cell phones and WiFi; the very bases of your weather reports are naut more than frequency based propaganda. Anything that resides beyond the frequency norm of life based on earth is abhorrent! 

Back on point: Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have been reacting to the tectonic changes earth continues to present as it changes. That is a constant. As well, this region is, and has been the location of massive RF/EMF R and D which is also tied to tomography. That more frequent EQ’s should be registered is a consequence resultant of action and reaction.

1*  Map of NW fault zones showing Lewis and Clark region, and more so the Hope Fault Line…

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  10th August 2015 


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