Obama Back on Vacation Again!

Obama pushes up start of family’s 40th vacation — leaves Friday for Martha’s Vineyard 


That is the title of a report from the above. I will not use the link as it is filled with images that I would not present!

About ten minutes ago the third squadron of helos, and Unseen jets. High above the leadened sky which is settling down in an almost fog like haze, they remain unseen. The obscuration, which Operation began with massive aerosol spraying yesterday, has individuals presenting numerous symptoms of varied illnesses. 

The Examiner says: The Vineyard Gazette reports that the first family will be staying for the second year at the Chilmark home of Obama and Hillary Clinton contributor Joanne Hubschman on secluded North Road. Photos show it is equipped with a large infinity pool, a tennis court and comes with a huge sandy beach. The 17-room home is worth about $12 million. 



Already planning to spend 15 days vacationing at a sprawling oceanside resort home in Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama has told the town that he is coming a day early, arriving Friday evening.

As they say he is due on this triangle Island which is 7 miles by 19 miles at its widest and longest points, there is not much room for the incoming elites that will surely be here.

UPI has this to say about the birthday bash: MARTHA’S VINEYARD, Mass., Sept. 5 (UPI) — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton celebrated his 65th birthday with friends and family on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.The weekend party at Herring Creek Farm’s barn also was to celebrate the birthdays of Vernon and Ann Jordan and host Lynn de Rothschild’s husband Evelyn, The Boston Globe reported.The celebration included square dancing, dinner provided by Tea Lane Caterers and a surprise performance by Carly Simon and her son Ben Taylor. Clinton’s wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also was there. Others feting the ex-president, who turned 65 on Aug. 19, included Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and his wife Christina, “Bourne Identity” producer Doug Liman and the world’s richest human, Carlos Slim. 


Mexican Cartel head Carlos Slim may be rich but anyone that knows anything about Rothschild Monies knows that Evelyn’s wife set this one up, and that they are worth more than 500 Trillion in US Faux Currency. 

You want the All seeing eye, this is him. 

Will the Birthday Boys do it again this year? Time will tell. For now persons near the airport in the center of the Island have been talking of the massive air traffic and the oddity of aircraft seen. The Executive Osprey V-22 has doubtless been among them. 

Believe me, you know when one of these flies over you! 

otterwalks:  7th August 2015


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