HAARP -A.K.A. -IRI Event Ft. Dodge -Dodge City, Kansas Lights up Atmospheric Particulate Field

On the 29th July 2015, NEXRAD KDDC -Fort Dodge, Kansas was hit with a massive synthetic Plasmic Burst. This Ionospheric Heater -HAARP like -event, pulsed in large part, through a storm cell. In so doing, the highest image returns of the event were within the cell or atmospheric cloud like formation. While a Ring, in the classic sense, was not presented in returns made public, this is another event type that leaves no doubt regarding the nature of the incident.

It did contain one unique aspect that is quite telling; that being the fact that the event, centered, or registered center, over Ft Dodge as the most powerful area in returns within the structure of the pulse.

So, we come to the question and answer, as to the reason for the energy to have migrated beyond it’s central point. The obvious question is why did this electromagnetic pulse choose to slip from it’s power center toward its’ outer range ring areas?

This is seen in CoD imagery as magenta/pink for intense RF; and WHITE: that is completely off the chart! It is not on the legend…

The answer is clear in that we know beyond doubt that terra firms has become a gas chamber. Aerosols are being disbursed at stratospheric levels, after which, induced energy flows through relatively frictionless paths of deployed conductive metals. The evidence is indisputable, so much so that there is no need to link to the thousands of patents, military documents, agricultural companies that offer their cloud seeding capabilities, white papers, speeches, Whistle Blowers, and that doesn’t even go to what is seen daily on a Global scale and being documented; individual experience.

Researchers are reporting their finds from multiple source materials collected. Physicians are working with people that suffer from the exposure to this weather modification madness. Entrepreneurs are testing and working to detox the numerous metals that are within these slurry mixes. 1* The agenda is ominous; a menacing futuristically envisioned denied plausibility, aimed at exponential death. And that does not reside far into the future!

The answer is that this IRI -A.K.A. -HAARP Event’s energy channeled through a synthetic cloud like field of extreme inductiveness. While there are thousands of components that have been identified in the residues of aerosol actions, many know of the primary constituents.

Components used in agricultural, localized cloud seeding operations, are in large part Silver Iodide. This is also a common component of stratospheric slurries in use. These particulate are catalysts. They ionize, they deionize, particulate infusions; dissecting and creating different atomic and molecular atmospheric fields. They contain charge which is both electric and magnetic: they come together. Silver Iodide, of this sub micron particulate form, acts as a cloud nucleating agent. It is highly conductive. Many other elements, conductive as well are secondarily bent to other purposes within these mixtures. Elements and Isotopes are being found in locations, and in quantities, that are beyond nature and any potential -normal -phenomenon. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Sulfur, Boron, Arsenic, Lead, Titanium, and this has not begun to address the clandestine experimentation within these operations.

Lastly regarding this topic, in short, the Bioweapon, co-opted Tesla mysticism that goes to energy, Depopulation agenda, Ozone Negation, and Aluminum soil contamination, in use, to negate the perpetuation of the organic, ecological relationship, vegetation; our foods stuff, should be noted as another Weaponization. DEW -Future Weapons -Here and Now, continue to be refined for ultimate optimal surgical strike capability.

From Nano Bots -self replicating, programable sub-micron entities, to CHAFF, and Desiccants, all forms of Nuclear, Petrol Chemical, Pharmacological, and Medical wastes; solvents, surfactants, and every other classification of toxic waste, they are no longer being treated as such: TOXIC. Only in the form of Eugenics does it come forth as toxic, and that is the Pathological pleasure of the Technocratic Agenda that means to end Life on Earth!

Back on point… This burst shot through an aerosolized field amassed in the central tier. This is rare, indisputable proof exposing the agenda of combined operations which efforts can be identified is Weather Modification. This Extremely High RF/EMF return, that is amplified through the presence of the construct of this highly reactive storm cell, is clear, indisputable evidence of the R and D of The Social Engineers. We have no bearing regarding the Frequency or combination of such in use. What is unseen, not felt, unheard; remains the tract of Future Weapons Development. This is the present ongoing Arms race, and the reason that as the military base for Global Operations, the U.S. spends more on a military budget than all other Nations combined!

Here are the images of the Dodge City, Kansas Ionospheric Heater Event. As always, there is little hope at this time of knowing its point of origin. At this time it is close to irrelevant. The move to Globalization through an Authoritarian Oligarchy is entrenched militarily, economically, technocratically, and in the oldest of social political controls; religiously.


During the event, some returns were as per The Algorithm’s enactment, censored…

Post event, during the dissipation, multiple frequencies are visible. In this format, the legend shows the RF -Radio Frequency. RF has become a ubiquitous term, so integrated into societies lexicon that little or no thought is given to its Radiant Nature. Microwaves were once Radar Ranges. Nuclear Power was once the new clean power, Radio was a good invention with no side effects in nature, and x-ray’s to chemo is still the health care feed back loop; bankrupting, and eventually after much suffering, ending you!

1* http://globalskywatch.com/stories/my-chemtrail-story/chemtrail-information/chemtrail-types.html

There are other tags to look to, to further study of this type of event and compare them. For this report, the images have been sufficiently discussed in the introduction.

otterwalks: 31st July 2015

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