HAARP Ring -Ionospheric Heater Event -Centered NEXRAD KFSD -Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota was under Radiant Attack for a minimum of five hours today, 20th July 2015! 

As is the commonality, the public access to real time Radar returns, run by The Algorithm were negated; wiped or censored: the imagery of the Ionospheric Synthetic Plasmic Event -the HAARP Ring -where made unavailable!  

This covert Eugenics -Future Weapons Experimentation -Operation as usual, has its origins which remain unknown.

This is Technocracy; not Transparency…

It was likely generated in the Northern Hemisphere, as this time of year presents the optimum potentiality regarding successful stratagem. The angle of the earth’s tilt  proffering the maximum return for energy expended. 

This imagery -if you look at the time stamp -tells much about the covert nature of this future weapons R and D. It is a De facto assumption that if it is censored, it carries with it far more than We are privy to examine. Thereby, evaluating and comprehending the Overt -Outside of Law -Nature of these annually funded Secret Operations, is key to understanding the changes that occur. 

Imagery -for your consideration…

Note the frequency change between the above image and the one presented below…  

This is the first image of the CoD return system after five hours of Censorship. Note the Time Stamp; as well this is the remnants of the event having come to a point where the Algorithm -in its decisive actuary allowed the return of imagery having dropped in intensity to a level that it would accept as passible. 

These are examples of various Radar imagery systems, with their formats and the censored portrayal. Again, the Time Stamps and the Legends are to be evaluated to comprehend the nature of the Event. In examining the beginning and return times from a number of different Radar systems, an overall portrait of the event becomes clear.

Below is a loop. The time stamp is in the upper right…

There is little doubt that these reports will continue in frequency as this is the prime time for this Illegal Experimentation to be covertly run… 

otterwalks:  Survive-All…  20th July 2015

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