HAARP -Pittsburg, PA Again -Fourteen Hours and Still in Operation! -Revisited 12th July ’15

The shear volume of data, due to the length of the returns, will necessitate a large  effort of formatting for presentation, and over that time, we may see some of the Operative Agenda come to the foreground. The endgame here, is one that I have had a vision. Should it come to pass, the word will spread and all will know… 

You can see this event Live, Now at this link:


Note: Updated -26th July 2015… The above link is still a good click through link to CoD Radar, but time has passed and with it the loop of the event. They do have archives you can navigate to, but those are consistently scrubbed of any anomalous RF events and their corresponding data.

Should you come upon this later in the day you still have the option of enlarging the length of the loop. On the left, there is a row of numbers that correlate to the loop frame numbers; click 200, below 96, and wait a moment for it to load and play.  Happy Hunting… 

This is a recent 24 loop from the Base Reflectivity format…

This Ionospheric Heater Event has again registered center, NEXRAD KPBX -Pittsburg, PA. It actually begins to appear in returns at ten PM -Eastern on the 10th July 2015; it is still running eight and one half hours later. There is not a visible ring in the imagery, though the range of data shows a myriad frequency play. 

There seems little doubt that this is a Weather Modification event, as multiple NEXRAD stations from the SE moving up the Eastern seaboard have come on line with actions denoting intent. As well, the multiple site imagery shows that there are carrier waveforms within this events duration. Frequencies run a broad spectrum, from Extreme RF down to Extremely Low frequencies. There is evidence of Psychotronics within this Operation. Having been out of the proverbial loop of late. I do not know if there is a/any specific reason for such experimentation. It could be standard R and D, -as much as Technocracy can be called standard -or preparatory Operational structuring. It may be something far more dire, again we shall see…

Here is the first image frame, at the start of the CoD returns, that exposes this Operation.

On this, The Weather Underground site, it has been labeled Radar down…

This, the tenth July…

Here it reads as the 11th July, just past daybreak on the East Coast. 

This is the Echo Tops return. There will be another sites version when it has been formatted and added to this evolving events report. 

This is the CONUS2 Mosaic return that has just been updated. You begin to see the activity in the SE and up into the mid-Atlantic region. 

Here, on the IR satellite feed…

It is now the 12th July 2015 and the CONUS2 Mosaic returns are showing continued time stamps with this event ongoing. That would bring its continuance to near 27 hours nonstop. 

It seems all other sites have wiped KPBX from their Radar imagery, leaving blank the Pittsburg, PA area. 

More imagery from this Radiant attack to come… Updated 12:30 AM -Eastern on the 12th…

For your research, consideration, and edification… 

otterwalks:  11th July 2015


About otterwalks:

Iroquois; Mohawk: Member Longhouse Medicine Society. Tasked by elders to aid the Awakening. Healer, working to negate the ill effects of the pernicious Technocratic attack upon life. Detoxification, balanced living, and critical thought are today's preeminent necessities. Card Carrying Member Native American Church. Have never used a cell phone. I am looking for MacBooks that are unused. i will pay shipping, need not your HD, and rebuild. I do not use Facebook, Twitter, et al. . Archiving IRI Events, Aerosols, Weather Modification, GeoEngineering Operations, all, for future evidentiary presentation. That goes to the Crimes Against Humanity now being perpetrated Globally! We are being Exterminated! It is called Eugenics...! o... Survive All... Awareness is Preparedness... o... Look Up!
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