HAARP Ring -IRI -Registers Center Cedar City, Utah -NEXRAD KICX

A HAARP Ring, now labeled IRI -Ionospheric Research Instrument -has registered center from the NEXRAD station KICX -Cedar City, Utah. As is generally the case, the origin goes unknown. As has been mentioned before, this is the peak time for Northern Hemispheric R and D. The Ops will likely become more frequently caught on Radar as The Algorithm works to bend the weather on a global scale: obviously lacking transparency. That being said, there are many avenues being researched and refined in the Arms Race that is frequency via Ionospheric Heaters Globally. DEW -Directed Energy Weapons -are the Technocratic Corporate Military Complex’s plan and this is its testing upon the Populous once again.

That this event follows the Pittsburg, PA HAARP Event 1* is an aid in showing the many ways that these massive synthetic plasmic surges are imaged. In the prior event, no ring was imaged. Here, within the ring, the extremely high frequency pulse is seen imaged in off the chart colors. They simply are not in the legends, or register as -UK -Unknown. The Waveform is beyond the parameters of the NEXRAD mosaic return systems capability to generate displays.

From the various data collected, it appears that, from 15:00 to 19:15 UTC the event was actively penetrating the area within the Ring. Here is a run of imagery. You will note that prior to the Ring’s appearance, NEXRAD Station KRGX -Reno, Nevada sent a multi-frequency, pie shaped burst aimed at SW Utah. In speculation, it appears that those lasers induction into the HAARP Ring Waveform gave it a boost, to put it simply. Add to that the region in which this has taken place. This encompasses proving grounds covering much of Nevada’s covert experimental zones, also known individually by their Area numbers. The region is a remnant of open air nuclear bomb testing. It has not disappeared, and its existence is only going to aid the sought conductivity.

Below is the first return to image anew, a linear timeline after the negation of the time stamps between 15:04 and 17:49 UTC. This is the Hydrometeor Classification which is alleged to show the return of beacons sent from a station, impacting precipitation and rebounding back to the point of origin. At least that is the spin; the truth resides elsewhere. In this manor various types of precipitation register, and forecasts are presented. The CoD Hydrometeor Classification Algorithm -HCA -is below. The HCA is a complex algorithm performed by the NEXRAD system which attempts to determine the most likely type of the echoes in the radar beam. It combines several base moments -reflectivity, velocity, ZDR, CC, KDP -with the environmental data -the Melting Layer levels- to produce 10 -13 hydrometeor types: among them -HA -Hail -GR -Graupel -BD -Big Drops -HR -Heavy Rain RA -Rain -WS -Wet Snow -DS -Dry Snow -IC -Ice Crystals -GC -Ground Clutter BI -Biological -?… Here the registry shows very bright HA; potentially a hue beyond the legend. One fact is apparent; there is no precipitation at this time or through the duration of the event. These will vary with different sites and their efforts to continually change their formats. As with life today, the Social Engineers work toward diversions and outright falsehoods.

This 10 loop gif shows the censorship in the time line of the event as described above. The magenta at the 4 to 5 o’clock position continue to be exhibited until 19:12 UTC. That shows that the fade of the electromagnetic pulse was present for as long as four and one quarter hours. The magenta as seen on the right is labeled -UK -Unknown; it is beyond the capacity of the imaging systems.

This is the CoD Echo Tops return for the event. In six frames it jumps from 11:39 to 18:12 UTC, over six and one half hours of wiped imagery. The central blue pulse that is present is the 17:49 UTC return to standard function. It is the last image with a measure of power, outside of the norm, at the end of the event; at least as far as can be presumed by evaluation of the data at hand.

After or as the event fades, there is an atmospheric condensing which comes on fast. There are those that archive Las Vegas, Nevada aerosols daily; likely today was a busy day to the east if not over the city itself.

The next two loops are satellite loops. The first is one frame per hour, on the half hour. The event has not been imaged. The effects of the event are visible in the concurrent time frames. The last two frames shows the rapid build up of atmospheric moisture due to the excitement of the conductive field which the Waveform has passed through. The electric and magnetic polarization which has been induced creates motion of particulates within the largely metaled field. The presence of different sub-micron elemental matter leads to the formation of cloud nuclei in various crystal forms. The shape of these can and is used in determination of the aerosol slurries that have been disbursed in the preparation of the Operation.

Once again, the southwest… The last two images tell the tale of the unseen, unknown Radiant intrusion.

1* https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2015/07/07/haarp-high-frequency-event-pittsburg-centerted-registry-nexrad-station-kpbx/

Doubtless more to come…     For your consideration.

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