HAARP High Frequency Event Pittsburg -Centerted Registry NEXRAD Station KPBX

For over four hours the leading edge of the band of storm cells, that are currently tracking eastward across the U.S., was in the path hit high energy -HAARP like -pulse. This registered center out of Pittsburg, PA NEXRAD station KPBX.

As per the formats of The Algorithm, the returns quickly went into displays posting -Station Down for Repairs or Maintenance notices. After a short passage of time, as the frames of imagery from different sites grew in number, the time stamps began to delete this continuing  synthetic plasmic RF pulse.

This was clearly done with intent on the leading edge of this weather system. As you will see, as per the usual GeoEngineering used to continue the California, and other western State’s drought situation, the Pacific Atmospheric moisture is being fed through Texas, northeast. This has been a very visible Weather Modification Op in general. The endgame of this intrusion by electromagnetic induction on such a massive scale, will likely present in the future. At this time, as this Gulf and Pacific weather engine sends moisture inland, weather bulletins are being shown with numerous Extreme Weather Warnings posted. NEXRAD is working the weather, as doubtless the Aerosol agenda, has been, and continues to be active.

There are many images and they in there way are self evident. If more data is of interest, the archives can be accessed through the tags on the right. It should be noted that while the classic Ring is not in the imagery, this is a format which is imaged frequently. Often this form is seem in  the center of a ring. Here you will note the perimeter or range ring regions have RF/EMF registered off the chart. The legend in some real time Radar networks do show a color for RF. In others they may say Unknown, which covers a panoply of various frequency. Here are some of the returns from this event.

This is CONUS2 Imagery from the FLOAT return of CONUS -Continemtal US…

Time stamp 16:50 UTC…

Time Stamp 16:07 UTC…

Time Stamp 18:29 UTC; after the censorship, as the waveform dissipates.

These are of the same event, they are different types of Radar return which has attempted to register and present imagery. This, while the programmed doctrine, and interfaced response is in play.

Next is the Hydrometeor and the rings that show in the Echo Tops return. They will be revisited in loops as imagery progresses. It should be said that there is no Radar registry that goes to storm cells in the region of this Ionospheric Heater event.

This is a newly formatted loop system that has a statement from Unisys regarding clutter and the negation of data in their imagery. This is still in evidence, yet in the past there likely would have been more to investigate.

  Accu Weather, generally like the NWS is very early to wipe data.      

Above is Weather Underground’s version of Echo Tops, here both rings and Pin-Wheel laser Operation returns are imaged.  

New Data if, or as, it comes forth.  For your consideration…

otterwalks:  7th July 2015


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