Just in -Michigan Has 3.3M Earthquake

This popped up as the activity in the New Madrid was being imaged. The red is the notation for new event. There is a fault line that runs along the southern region of Michigan. It links to the upper range of the New Madrid Fault Zone where the Wabash Fault zone continues north. This falls within a sub-zone as yet unnamed just north; or it is an unmapped regional expansion of the Wabash Fault Zone. In a paper written 20 years ago, it suggests the existence of the geological fault line due to variations in the magnetic field. 

May 2nd 2015 saw a 4.2M EQ in this Kalamazoo EQ area. That earthquake is part of the same fault involved in a 1947 quake in Coldwater, MI. It looks like the fault goes between Coldwater and Kalamazoo. it is unknown if it goes north of that. A big reason for the mystery is the fault line is about four miles underground. Based on the U.S. Geological Survey data this had a depth of 5.0km or 3.1 miles. The May 2 earthquake involved a strike-slip fault, a vertical fracture where the blocks move horizontally.

More EQ data on DUTCHSINSE…  1* 

There have been a number of EQ’s to report on in Central ConUS that are within the New Madrid Fault Zone. 

1*   http://dutchsinse.com/5022014-very-rare-4-0-magnitude-earthquake-strike-near-kalamazoo-michigan-wa/

otterwalks:  30th June 2015


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