HAARP Ring -IRI Event Antarctica

By now everyone is likely to know that there is an agenda which aims to keep oil dependence, create diversion, increase taxation over falsehoods and hoaxes; all the while progressing with Directed Energy Weaponization: and the underpinnings of Globalist Agendas. This is about the interplay of the generically labeled Technocratic operations of todays: the NWO arms race. It is in the field and the field at times is upon the civilian populations. We are used for neurological experiments using frequency. Blast zones, once confined to proving grounds, have morphed to global scale. Operational frequency tests are operational nonstop, to see what comes of it. These actions are not confined to knowns or absolutes and that means outside of human knowledge. It is all a gamble. We are in a global casino and the house is run by sociopaths as regards humanity, and psychopaths as to themselves. They gamble on existence; that includes their own. 

There is a Pong like global rebound from earth which bulges the ionosphere and rebounds pulses from point A. A -in this case is an unknown. What can be extrapolated is that an impact occurred on the southern ice continent. These are tomographic in their nature, largely due to there sheer power levels, but also due the modulation of frequency used and duration of event. The earth’s subterranean structure continues to be mapped. The Corporations that are involved work to the same ends. Once oil exploration was best guess, or hit or miss. With the knowledge of strata, gas pockets, caverns, metals, geologic and volcanic formations as givens, so are their changes. That is an aspect of a format which goes to Global Warming, by design, that this event proves operational.

Here things come full circle with the knowledge of the depths of ice, land mass, and aquifers in the southern polar region. Microbial life has been confirmed in subglacial aquifers. Reports of over 4,000 species of microbes have come from the Antarctic. 1* Just when did Superman look through the icecap to find this subglacial lake on a massive continent? Was it warmed by the action of induction? Have the years of tomographic Waveforms awakened previously dormant microbes?

As with the Ozone Negation Agenda, while the firmament continues to thin, its response is a migration toward equatorial regions from both poles as evidenced in PSC or Nacreous Clouds, which are ever more frequent in display. Ionospheric Heater Operations are optimized during the polar spring to summer. It is the axial tilt which allows for the favorable conditions. We see few of the returns as The Algorithm refines its imagery. This year in this peak season we seem to be catching glimpses of an event about once a week here in the northern hemisphere. Technical upgrades are the winter itinerary. The evaluation of data and algorithmic programing proceeds within climate controlled conditions on site. The R and D continues as the polar latitudes are the prime regions to rebound frequencies in the linear progression of the trajectory operations. An example of interfaced trajectory is below with the South Pole Telescope and the accompanying chart showing the locations of the APEX and South Pole telescopes. 2* It appears to be a parabolic dish to me… That would be a Radio Telescope, which is a societally integrated term for a frequency emitter and return assimilator.

When you see an impact like this one from 24th June 2015, lasting over seven hours, there is massive data collection of an a specific nature. This was done with very specific intent. Was it done by what we would label U.S. covert ops? That will remain hidden for now. There are ionospheric heaters covering the globe. Many new generation frequency generators appear to be made for stellar exploration. That is one function, a cover as regards their deeper intent. This is a loop of yesterdays event, for lack of accepted lexicon and geopolitical label changes, a HAARP Ring.

Apologies, the loop is corrupt. It should remain black in the areas that are not registered. The black is not censorship, it is the function of satellite imagery as mosaics are created from differing angles as time passes and their locations with it.

In both polar regions, surface ice is at record levels. Here the seeming repetition goes to a different issue. There is one thing that propaganda and diversion by and large contain and by the stealth of the spin doctors it remains overseen. That is the excitation at the molecular level, of the structure of these subterranean depths due to this electromagnetic induction. Water, more so than solid substance, slows the conductive passage of these extremely low frequency Waveforms. The duration enables both penetration and as an aside, the heating of said substructure. Hence, in the North we have escaping Methane, once locked in frozen stasis. A similar deep melt is happening in the Antarctic. This is the origin of the Technocratic I.E. Geopolitical, State Run Media posit of sea level rise. The pundits and debunkers are numerous: money talks, and there is always blackmail. At least it goes to the seeming action/ reaction that is inevitable.

This satellite image is from several hours prior to the Ring event. The Stratospheric agenda, ozone mitigation as it is called, is the mirror of the facts of the agenda. This link is not shown as an educational paper. It is here to show the admission of the operation for thirty years prior to 2008: that goes to 1978. 3* Other papers go back into the sixties. The British Scientific Survey named PSC’s in the late 50’s when they where first put to record and named. There may have been natural volcanic events that created the same stratospheric shredding of ozone, but they did not last as these have since the operations began. 

Now it is time to address McMurdo Station and the NSF -National Science Foundation -agenda. 

First it should be mentioned that Raytheon shares the so called NSF Chalet. 

Next you should know how much is going into the Obama 2016 NSF budget. Quote: National Science Foundation -NSF -Director France A. Córdova outlined President Obama’s fiscal year 2016 budget request to Congress for NSF. The FY16 requests calls for -$7.7 billion -for NSF, an increase of $379 million over FY15, which is an increase of 5.2 percent.
The budget request includes support for new approaches to research… 4* 

To the left at 10 o’clock is the McMurdo Station Radome. It is covered with the same style dome as the XBX and SBX X-Band Mobile Arrays that are in operation today. 

One angle of this massive installation with some of its support systems, and the presence of a linear cloud like formation above; way above. It is the agenda. They aerosol above 70,000′ on record, and have been doing so for many decades. Thank you Bill Gates for helping with the aid of Warren Buffets Money. Yes, Wells Fargo -Wachovia; conveniently acquired in 2008 by Mr. Dairy Queen. 

More imagery of aerosol fallout as the canopy begins to be made a synthetic conductive field. There are links at the bottom to other articles on McMurdo, the NSF, and Raytheon’s complicit eugenics operations built out of site and working hard to keep them out of mind. They cannot let humanity know of the surreptitious, interfaced nature, and the compartmentalization of the combined Global Machinations. 

This is the National Science Foundation’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station 280-ton radio telescope. The South Pole Telescope -SPT -is the latest addition to the EHT, an Array of telescopes spread out across the Globe and linked using a technique known as Very Long Baseline Interferometry, or VLBI. Larger telescopes can make sharper observations, and interferometry allows multiple telescopes to act like a single telescope as large as the separation -or baseline -between them. 5* 

image credit above and below 2* 

This is an image of the interfaced radio telescopes that the SPT has been connected to. These are Various type of Ionospheric Heaters.

1* http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-microbe-ecosystem-antartic-ice-sheet-20140819-story.html

2*  http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_images.jsp?cntn_id=134758&org=PLR

3* http://rsta.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/366/1882/4007

4* http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=134032

5* http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?org=PLR&cntn_id=134758&preview=false

Here are more links with further data on this covert Globalist base and interfaced operations.

Read more: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/antarctic-ozone-depletion-agenda-_geoengineering-and-electromagnetics_the-evidence_a-beginning/

And Here: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/mcmurdo-station-antarctica-dbl-haarp-ring-presents/

And Here with PSC’s and Maps, as well as other data: https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/mcmurdo-station-haarp-ring-registers-on-radar-off-antarctica/

There may be more to add or some editing to revisit. It is 6:30 AM -Eastern and this marathon has me screen blind. So, until later, Survive-All…

otterwalks: 26th June 2015

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Exposing the Future Weapons Arms Race as a real potential cause re: current Climate conditions...
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14 Responses to HAARP Ring -IRI Event Antarctica

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    • otterwalks: says:

      Greetings, Sorry for the delay in response. Through Wednesday I am involved in legal. The completion of a new article on documentation surrounding the New Zealand Earthquake/s – they still continue today, 4th Dec ’16. John Kerry’s visit to McMurdo Station, and the many other – coincidences – are being covered. Multiple Synthetic Overlapping Plamsic -Ring – Impacts continue, from the South Island, SSW into the heart of Antarctica. Thank you for your time and efforts. otterwalks

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      • Mindblowing article! And so many questions for the Obama´s Gov! Hiding Raytheon at NSF chalet & using the NSF budget for their sinister agenda?! Insane criminals took over the US Govt, 3rd party contractors running the world. Hope Trump will do sthg about it. Have you finished your new article on John Kerry’s visit to McMurdo (stopover in NZ) and ´pure coincidence` of its timing NZ earthquake? Thank you for inspiring research!

        Liked by 1 person

      • otterwalks: says:

        Hello again, surprised you got that note. I never know. Thank you for the response. No, haven’t quite finished it yet. All formatted from screenshot to gif or annotated imagery. Have the links to kinks assembled. System froze at around 11 PM Eastern Sunday. It’s now 6:35 AM… Back up and looks good. I work in HTML so the next phase is getting weeks of images in a linear format, choosing the most important imagery and creating the article with commentary. McMurdo has begun its full Operational status. The shift from Northern Hemispheric Ops will begin to slow. That’s the why a Globalist pig like my ex-Senator Kerry took a hop over to look in on this seasons preparations and doubtless convey other intel and wishes from those he truly serves. New Zealand serves as the closets air supply route for the Antarctic. Well, those that appear to be in league with the current US Imperialist Agenda. So, it made sense for him to fly to NZ and then leave just prior to the m7.8 EQ. They continue today with m5.0 and some higher. The plasmic ring events continue to Impact the south Island with overlapping Rings. I’m deep in legalese and far behind on global heater events. Danes article on the Engineered snow is absent the KBLX – Billings, MT – Ring registry of the 28th which was the Trigger for the dump at that location. Great article, standard NEXRAD OP tweaked, this time for ND. Keep the water out of CA. Send it across Mexico and into the Gulf. Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Houston, Ft Polk and the steering the atmospheric moisture from that engine, up through the eastern side of the Central Tier. Peak the RF/EMF at the Canadian Border, send it into the prevailing Westerlies. That creates the counter clockwise downward spin. That western side of the cell was hit for what appears eight hours. Not a Heater Hop, a by design Impact Assault. So, as you can tell, I’m a bit punchy. Been awake for days. Getting light now and going to get horizontal for a couple. More to come… Southern AZ was the most recent IRI Ring event; Massive! Emerald -Central Highlands continues its Operation. Almost have a new piece finished with all of the rings from the last posted dat to the 5th. Still may be Wednesday before I have the time; we’ll see… Thumbs up to your note. Optimistic… Waiting to see, and hoping they don’t off him before things really kick in. The hoards remain oblivious. When things dramatically turn for the better they may wake up. You and yours Be well… o…

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  5. otterwalks: says:

    Of course that is full of type-o’s like Links to Links – not kinks. Well it’s still dark and – k – is next to – l … Oops… o…


    • Nikita says:

      Hello it’s the new me, before Wicked Nikita above
      I quoted your article at California wildfires

      Any idea what it is? HAARP McMurdo? or Orbital?
      I will be offline for weeks in less than 24 hrs
      so you know in case you write when I’m gone
      be well & Merry Christmas

      Liked by 1 person

      • otterwalks: says:

        Sorry we missed you.
        Don’t know what o. thinks. Sorry wasn’t party to that dialogue. I’ll run this past when there is contact.
        If we’re talking about the NZ EQ… Ionospheric Heaters / over the horizon Radar has as its end point a radio tomographic nature. Synthetic plasma passes through all that stands in its path. seeing the location of the Ring sing from that highly active time of the year, it is not a stretch to assign, as a potential, this Future Weapons R and D as a primary if not actual catalyst for the destabilization of the regions subterranean structure.
        We’ll check to see the current state of the McMurdo Station sat returns / imagery.
        Best for when you are back… Crew…

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  6. stoneandeddie says:

    Sorry for late reply, thank you for writing back on 14/12/2017 (ouch, ages ago, sorry it’s so late, I forgot to reply)..really interesting what you wrote & so sickening at the same time.. what’s wrong with them??? those who organise this>> the US Gov’s #DeepState.
    I see I’m logged in as stoneandeddie but it’s me @Starsailoresss (before that I was @wicked_nikita talking to otterwalks at time of the 2016 NZ earthquake & John Kerry’s hop over via NZ to McMurdo and back, just in time to watch the quake in progress
    keep up your amazing work 🙂

    my chat with O everyone should read your comments before/after https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/haarp-ring-iri-event-antarctica/#comment-763

    Liked by 1 person

    • otterwalks says:

      Wow! How are you? The filters have become so effective that the Radars rarely show much of anything anymore. I’d say I’ve archived 4 events in the U.S. in the last three months. About the same for Australia & they were all out of Hobart. That John Kerry visit keeps coming up & as you say “ouch” ages ago & no one seems to be up on the Future Weapons that were certainly active leading up to & on the day of the EQ. Best to you & yours, o…

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      • stoneandeddie says:

        Hi, thanks 🙂 Your site is priceless, I learned so much from you, O. When you say “About the same for Australia & they were all out of Hobart”.. what do you mean, “out of Hobart”.. is the AAD headquarters in Kingstone setting of HAARP events? or you mean events occured out of Hobart/done from McMurdo? thank you, be well. x

        Liked by 1 person

      • otterwalks says:

        Recent Ionospheric Heater Impacts that have managed to find their way through the filters that are now deployed have been showing up on & around Hobart. I’ll get the archives and put an article together this week. Sooner than later. At least I will shoot for the schedule. Best, o…

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