HAARP Ring -IRI -Event Maxwell AFB, Alabama -21st June ’15

An IRI event, A.K.A. -HAARP Ring, has registered center at eastern Alabama’s Maxwell AFB. This Ionospheric Heater event has been deleted over the past four hours in the least. Note that the loop shows no storm cells in the 1 to 2 o’clock area of the ring as of its image in time. This is early in the event though it was negated in some form over 5 hours.  

Within two hours of its appearance, Extreme Weather conditions presented; as will be seen below as it builds and approaches Virginia. 

Another factor to consider, other than Extreme Weather, in this years IRI events is, -there is an uptake of Ops in the northern hemispheric summer -they are all being run in frequency ranges of 4 to 10 or 12 dBZ. Those are the gray hues in the legend as seen in the CONUS 2′s returns. Most everyone, in this day, is aware that the earth’s frequency, and our own, oscillate in the 7 to 7.8 Hz or dBZ range. The foundational nature of being-ness is toyed with by use of these frequency generators. That opens oneness to corruption and manipulation through their permeations. 

Frequency exposure from corrupt radiants, with tomographic, ground penetrating energies, causes disruption of normal neural function in humans. It, as well, effects all life forms as life is frequency. Unperturbed, the living function smoothly with the flowing continuum. This balance is Here and Now, life on terra firma share this balance, created or existing on this point in space with a purpose . You can read between the lines and connect the dots for yourselves. I will go places with my evaluations that other reports will not extrapolate. The technology, with its algorithmic over site, and mechanical evolution is beyond the arrays of the 70’s. Which I am intimately familiar with. The tech has had no expense spared, it has advanced light years, though the basics remain rather unchanged. It foundation-ally remains the same high math, it has changed mechanically over time, as all technology; progressively.  

This is a multi tiered agenda that is ever refined.

Geophysical, Geopolitical, cognizance manipulation through Psychotronics seems evident in the agenda. Clearly Owning The Weather by 2025 stands as a population and economic aspect. The last captured event was centered at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. 1* Today’s impact, in the heat of summer, in a time that political aims are surfacing is highly suspect. Agendas directly push at division on countless fronts are in mind numbing issuance. Propaganda is absorbed wittingly or not; it all comes back to frequency. From Economics to Rights, Federalization to Corporatism, War and Death are on the menu. With continued agendas being pushed that are secreted away, the more disinformation, the more diversion, the overbearing use of Mind Control bombards us from all fronts in the temporal existential waking state consciousness. Again this is foreshortened dialogue that hints at alinement of dots for personal epiphany.

One must leave open the potential that an Ionospheric Heater Waveform, a synthetic electromagnetic plasmic force may have its origin from other sovereigns. That is of course a given paradox as Technocracy crosses borders with the ease that frequency of this magnitude does. The world abounds with Future Weaponization, Directed Energy Weapons -DEW – are to the average person akin to stone or bronze age persons confronting outlanders with gun powder technology. That, given we live in hyper changing times, where we entered the Atomic age, and have watched and been stressed physically and mentally by the potentialities and the realities therein. When in youth it was called The Rat Race, there are many different races today. The Technologic has left the centered human with a shadow of its personal potential. 

DEW will depopulate in the same fashion. It will go unnoticed until it is unleashed in its full assemblage.

This is the CONUS 2 Mosaic Composite return in which you can view some of the conditions surrounding the event. 

This is the Base Reflectivity from CoD -College of DuPage. It shows the return of the installations real time returns after being down. Across the formats each having their own methods for imaging, at least 5 hours range as the overall Operations time frame. when searching multiple RADAR sites combinations of censorship types appear. Comparisons can be made and an overall event frame work becomes an apparent de facto assumption.  

This is the return to data. It is the first frame that contains visuals that show a high RF/EMF event taken place. The lower part of the frame has the upper

legend pink that shows the presence of radiant frequency still fading.


Here at 21:15 UTC is a flash of white which for all purposes is off of the chart as it is unlabeled thereby, Unknown. NEXRAD single site returns, at least as they are presented to the public, seem unable to image the impacting Waveform, presumable due to the volume of incoming cutting through the standard function of this interfaced network. Again this could well be an extensive dialogue, so it will sit for the moment as is; visual.

At 20:59 UTC Weather Underground begins to come back online. 

This is the Echo Tops menu format. Again data is imaged regarding the end of the induced plasmic interceding electromagnetic force.

Here the Extreme Weather Bulletin is shown at 2 o’clock. There are no returns which show atmospheric storm cells in the region. Then, two hours pass, and out of nowhere as seen on any of the Radar loops, Extreme Weather Cells present. This over Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia. 

In the above imagery you may note the circumference of the frozen Radar imagery from Fort Rucker -KEOX NEXRAD. That has been in all imagery for days now. It reads offline, and has so since the era that atmospheric moisture was being garnered in the Weather Modification that gave birth to Tropical Storm Bill. It is not todays IRI event, but is just south of the center registry. 

While Biological and Chemical Weapons testing upon the public have been entered into US Code, No Where does it make allowance for induced radiant -radiation -to be passed through aerosols that form a conductive field.

This is outside of law if it is under the auspices of the U.S., and it is even more, an attack upon the citizenry if it is from other! 

1*  http://planet.infowars.com/worldnews/usnews/haarp-iri-ring-registers-center-cannon-afb-clovis-new-mexico-working-the-weather

For your consideration…      Awareness is Preparedness…

otterwalks:  21st June 2015

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