Why is The Ongoing Fukushima -All The Other Out of Date -On Fault Lines -Next to Water -Reactors -Out of Sight is Out of Mind?

It is irksome that there is no coverage aimed at the body human when continued events with unknown potentials are clawing at the aftermath of this Technocratic destabilization agenda. The hubris, the human folly that has fettered life on earth to the endless cascade of Radiation, born of a Eugenics agenda, sits upon the highly active Ring of Fire.

Does anyone think that this is not a slow move toward Atomic Suicide? The ground water contamination is an unknown, yet a given. The plants are outdated and yet are upgraded to MOX level generation systems. No place on earth will contain the waste for the needed half lives. The Pacific Ocean life cycles are corrupted, with die off visual. The Northwest and beyond are confirmed radiation belts containing the signature of the 11th March 2011 Fukushima Event. That goes for all of the west coast, as if the engineered drought was not enough, now they food that is grown and makes it to distant markets is poor quality and HOT! 

That does not begin to account the continued expansion of the chaos.The race to possess and amass atomics gave rise to the propaganda of the atomic age; a time of clean energy. Birthed 16th July 1945, the Atomic age was propagandized as the new clean energy. Hey, we killed those Japanese and ended  the War. Oh, that bomb stuff; what radioactive waste? Cold War? Arms Race?  No Comment… said the imaginary spokesperson.  

To the contrary, the systems built to that end where also placed on faults, by water for cooling which cycled into the open, waste began to accumulate, and agendas to disburse that waste began to take form.

Today the waste is stored on site at reactors, right next to active operations. There is a glut of transuranic elements, their decaying isotopes, and corroded infrastructure; which is now radio active. 

Ways to thin the deadly elements have found their way into daily life. Corporate interests from toothpaste, to supplements, medical itineraries embrace treatments from contrast to cancer. Radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves, such as x-rays, gamma rays, electron beams, or protons, to destroy or damage cancer cells. Other names for radiation therapy are radiotherapy, irradiation, or x-ray therapy. As well there is the ubiquitous use of chemotherapy and pellet implantation. 

All that has been mentioned, does not address the roots which nourish the continued growth, the hemispheric envelopment, by design; of this long con by a technocratic money power. What is this money power, and why has it been enabled accord by the majority of society? 

It has been put to you previously and constant repetition may redirect assumptions, thought patterns of acceptance, and the bliss of ignorance; a fostered repudiation of visual truths. This is where advertisement and thus its schools of propaganda have steered materialism and given credence to a money equals power mentality. The acceptance and use of Corporate flotsam and jetsam has enabled our potential demise, this, by eyes wide shut, as Atomic Suicide escalates. If not by the hand of some power broker, natural events will set off the cascade of events that have been established for our own good! 

This is the seismic report from near Japan on 17th June ‘15. 

Here are returns from today the 19th June 2015. 

If this is not a constant in your mind set, it is time…  

image as you see by NOAA – a complicit branch of Technocracy

Do you remember hearing of this 11th July 2014 headline?

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Fukushima, Tsunami Warning Issued…  Zero Hedge Link:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-11/68-magnitude-earthquake-strikes-near-fukushima-tsunami-warning-issued

As this became a rant which was to be an earthquake report, let it be noted that the use of D.U. to further disburse radio active waste is yet another topic for another time. 

For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  19th June 2015

Post Script: New data on a notable 4.7M EQ off the southern shore of Japan.

You may have noted that off  the northern edge of Japan, NOAA has chosen to label an EQ 78km SSE Kuril’sk, Russia. Like myself you may be asking yourself, why is it distanced from Russia when it is off of Japan’s Northern Coast?  

My mind goes to the current GeoPolitical saber rattling, as they say. Sort of let’s make Russia the bad guy and have them right next to Japan, in waters that many nations are vying for, against Japan. That means Us right?

For your consideration.

otterwalks:  19th June 2015 

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