Nepal Earthquakes Continue Reports Wiped From Feeds

While watching real time returns on the 15th June ’15 the USGS seismic event site dropped a return data link to Nepal. I was about to copy paste a posted Lat. and Lon. for a 4.1M earthquake which had occurred 5 hours earlier. In the blink of an eye it was negated from the feed. Other site feeds still listed the event and gave data on earthquake. This showed that in fact there had been a 4.1M event. As more EQ’s are reported the ebb and flow of the release of pressures within the earth’s crust begin to be predictable. The tags will doubtless take you to others that have videos and accumulations of data that give them predictable accuracy in forecasting future EQ’s.

Today is the 17th June 2015. There are two EQ’s listed on the above 2.5M earthquake list by USGS. 1* When searching for other reports to further investigation of the region, an earthquake swarm has been found to be on record. At this time, early AM on the 17th, there are five over 4.0M EQ’s in central Nepal and just over the border into China.

First, here, history from the 15th showing earthquakes in Afghanistan; this, just after reading that yet another 10km depth event had taken place. One moment it was there and six hours from the timeline, and then nothing! The annotation depicts the central southern region the EQ struck Nepal.

This is not the only place nor event that has been brushed aside, and it seems a growing trend.

Today the two earthquakes listed on the USGS site for this region are among three shown in this swarm. The feed is a 24 hour running list of global seismic events. They are listed near Kathmandu in valleys, some of which are farmed and another in a region of monastery and temple complexes. The first images are of the 4.3M EQ as the USGS notes them.

This is the 3.8M shown at a 7.4km depth. The other seismic services report more in number and the continued depth of 10.0km. This has been a constant since the large Kathmandu event.

These are from another feed and show five EQ’s within the last twelve hours. The first reads as a 4.7M event, northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal. The depth is shown for all five EQ’s in this swarm at the 10.0km depth -almost six miles.

Here is a 4.4M EQ registered to the southwest showing it occurred 14 hours ago.

For your consideration…

otterwalks: 17th June 2015


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