HAARP -IRI Ring Registers Center Cannon AFB -Clovis, New Mexico -Working The Weather

This may, at this time, not be the most dramatic extreme weather that has been cooked up. For the past week the southeast has been a flurry of NEXRAD Weather Modification Operations. For days Florida’s Melbourne -KMLB NEXRAD has been working in tandem with Moody AFB, Georgia. For hours on end they have been operating in a distinct manor, as seen in the image below. The electromagnetic beacons which radiate and turn as wheels, have been ushering warm Caribbean waters toward the Texas coast. That is where we saw the formation of Tropical Storm Bill. It usually is not long after this type of RF/EMF plan peaks, that the scheme afoot is revealed. That, when NEXRAD has worked as an engine, for so long, often needs a serious Burst to refine trajectory or format of the faux storm. 

This HAARP Ring  -IRI -radiant induction visibly presents west of the storm cell. Per the Algorithm’s autonomous, and manual systems, the frames of most all RADAR returns do not show anything but blank frames, on average, from midnight UTC for fifty minutes to an hour. That would have been at 6 o’clock local time on the 17th June ‘15. The time stamps show the 18th as the UTC has entered the new day.

Here is a single shot from KMLB NEXRAD Melbourne, Florida from the 14th. This story is one that the video wizards will have the equipment and doubtless tell of this weather creation. It can be revisited from its inception if no link comes up with a good analysis of the Operation. And, it is NOT done yet. We may well see Truly Extreme Weather Events come from this Plasmic induction. Apologies I digress: the images… 

The southeast NEXRAD stations from LA to AL, GA to FL and NC as well, have been quite busy in their tandem efforts with each other, and through the use of the conductive atmospheric fields that have been aerosolized during this time. Micro cells of condensed moisture have been rushing westward into and through the Gulf; this has been clear for days: something was planned. This is an image of this evenings Ring event in the southern planes. 

This is the single image from DuPage Flanis, showing the last frame at 00:55 UTC, when the imagery came back online. 

Here is a satellite loop showing the weather conditions, but not the Ring. 

Next is the College of DuPage NEXLABS single site imagery from KFDX. This time stamp is from 00:49 UTC when the Base format captured the last of the passing waveform’s impact.  

This is the same moment as the Echo Tops showed the return. 

Static, vibratory energy sizzles, as the radiant source discharges. Next time there may be more luck in the timing and lack of negation of data. There is enough proof to show that an Ionospheric Heater impact happened, center registry at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. There is a large orchestration of RF/EMF events that lead to this event, at this time, and for its duration. 

This is the use of Weather as a Force Multiplier, and the Weather is owned, and has been, for decades…

otterwalks:   18th June 2015

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