Notable 4.0M Fracking Earthquake Hits Amid Well Heads SSE of Fox Creek -Albert, Canada

A notable 4.0M Fracking Earthquake has registered within 700′ of several well heads. This region of Alberta, Canada, SSE of Fox Creek, is in a region that is massively developed. 

This is along the North American Craton in the Leduc Reef Complex of the Laurentian Craton amid North America. Maps from 2011 show prospective gas supplies, in the region, on their legends. This was doubtless a given at that time as the development shown in satellite imagery from 2014 shows the region clustered with Fracking Gas wells!  By 2013 the -potential region has been mapped southward, with many subregions notated. 

One thinks of this area of the north as undeveloped wilderness, and nothing could be further from the truth! This area is peppered with wells. The pipeline infrastructure connecting these thousands of wells is in place and working. The eleventh and twelfth images show the difference in site from the images we see from Oklahoma and other southern plains States. The system is clearly set up with above ground pipelines to transport the gas. Following those images are maps. First is of the North American Craton, and while dates vary on its creation it seems to go to 2008. Next is the U.S. Dept. of Energy from no later than 2011. It shows the area of this event in light green labeled -prospective gas plays. It is followed by a close up detail image.  Next is the North American Shale Plays as of 2011, and then the 2012 update. The zone in question shows movement south regarding development. The last image is The Pacific West Petrol Chemical map of various locations and the type of reserves that are located there.

Now, satellite imagery zooms in on this area east of the Rockies. 

Here is the zoom on the above well head to the west of the epicenter. It is no more than 800 feet to the site. 

This is the site to the southeast of the 4.0M Fracking earthquake.  

You may have noted the absence of settling ponds and tanks. Instead there are the interconnected pipe and valve systems for gas transport. Here are the maps described above.  

Moving from the tomographic returns of potentiality, the maps begin to annually be updated to reflect the true development that was already in existence.  

The newest map that is open source is this 2013 PacWest map. By this time the epicenter is located and labeled on the map. It has gone from out of site, out of mind; in the southern reaches of the prospective region, to one that is labeled with its riches. 

The return from development does not outweigh the investment costs. As with all modern, technological energy sources, more goes into this extraction than is given in returns. This is simply the rape of Earth!

Here is another development that has more investiture than will ever be realized. There is no need for Drones to use Ground Penetrating RADAR to locate where to auger down. There have been maps of the subterranean geologic structure of the earth for decades. This is waisted effort for political correctness. It is Political Theatre!  This is in use by Quartz Oil and Gas, allegedly purposed for perfection in exploration.  

This carries both surveillance and tomographic equipment. This is Technocracy working R and D. It has the leanings of Future Weapons Tech; with its scanning, triangulation, and Radiation delivery systems…  

Just came upon this image above. It is not dated, but appears to be a newer compilation of data.

otterwalks:  14th June 2015


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