Nevada Earthquakes Return Near Dormant Volcanic Region -US EQ Overview

Two Earthquakes have been pinged to the north -northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. They registered 3.4M and a 2.4M, and are in the Southern Basin along the South Rim Caldera Dormant Volcanic zone.

The 3.4 is right next to a crater. There are a confluence of fault line in the region, often called the Las Vegas fault zone. Geologic influences collide here with westward and easterly pressures seeking release.

These are adjacent The Butte Volcanic region which is along the edge of the North American Craton, in its southwest point. These are happening South Southwest of appropriately named Caliente, Nevada.

The depth is the same as the events of about three weeks ago when a 5.4 EQ was among others in this are of overlapping volcanic ages.

For whatever tech reasons this article cannot be brought to you in the usual manor. Please click this link to see this long compilation of data.

It links as well to previous data on The Oregon Undersea Volcanic Earthquake Swarm.

otterwalks: 12th June 2015


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