Oklahoma Fracking Events Build Toward Swarm -With David Letterman on Hydro Fracking

Midday on this 5th June ‘15 and reports continue to grow in size as continued fracking earthquakes swarm in Oklahoma.

To start here is David Letterman on Fracking from 2012. While I do not watch TV, this is a link that was sent to me. 

1* and 2*… 

Here are the midday reports from several sites. The first set of images is from around the epicenter in Chandler, OK. This is by and large a region of played wells. There is a derrick to the northeast, and the area around the epicenter is covered with the remnants of passed operations. 

Now Stillwater, OK has registered a 3.2M at 2:31 PM local time. 

Satellite imagery from the Stillwater region…  It is less than 200 feet from

These are close by to the west…

They remain in a condition that has not fully been decommissioned. The next image below is to the southeast at less than a mile. This region is peppered with played wells that are beginning to disappear over time. Note the width of the access to the site. This is one of the clues that remain after a played operation leaves. These easements are far larger than any other type of roadway entries that are in use for farm or industry. The size and number of trucks used and the rural roads they access demand a broad swath. They remain a funnel shape on the topography, and are one of the clues of operations long gone.  

Keeping an eye on this constant. Here are two Links to the David Letterman video clip from his show; Link:

1*  http://www.zengardner.com/letterman-on-fracking-were-screwed/  

If that does not play for you on Zen Gardener’s site, here is the YouTube video Link:  

2*   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F083Y6DnEzM  

The video I saw years ago was longer, but this is worth the short look. Letterman surprised me with this commentary. He has 100 acres about five miles, as the crow flies, from here. Paul has always had interests in the UpIsland area of Chilmark, which you may remember is where Fox Mulder was from. 

otterwalks:  5th June 2015

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