HAARP Ring Operation: Midland/Odessa, Texas -Retrieved From Archives

 Somehow this was thrown into the draft section…

If it was published I have thoughts to add to this series of IRI – A.K.A. HAARP RF Ring events. 

In hind site it would appear to me that first it is a given that any ionospheric pulse carries with it a number of agendas. The frequencies used, duration, power, location and repetition of impacts has a basic task with multiple riders. Not unlike our current Political Theatre.

In looking back at the flurry of Synthetic Plasmic impacts, targeting Midland/Odessa, Texas as center, weather control and resultant mind set appear to be at the top of formats for this run. Certainly there are far bigger fish to fry in the usage of this future weapons Tech, but look how they grew in number with Salt Lake City being one of the few strikes that registered during that time frame.

The timing was the lead up to the super-bowl game.

That is likely the most planned propaganda event that annually takes place. Years ago they began to get people to lock into the ads as a genre; something watch, something to look forward to. The half time events have as well been long in construct. At this point in time the next event’s agenda is doubtless on the table. The subliminal implantation needs to steer the production of events leading toward the 2016 elections are inexplicable. Everyone that is susceptible, and there are more with the continued entropic agenda; that, from the continued onslaught and scope of the attack upon the mental and physical health of the people.     

From here down are some returns that show the central feature which has become the ever more frequent; albeit often quickly censored, negated, or wiped: imagery which is the Ionospheric Heater signature, absent the image of the classic ring. It exists in frequency, it simply is not added to the composite, or composition of the multiple layers of the Radar return. 

This 28th January IRI/HAARP or more correctly labeled Ionospheric Heater Event out of Midland/Odessa, Texas, was one of the many that occurred in a short time frame. 

There will be more on the combination of these events as they relate to an Operational agenda from that time. Stay tuned, if the Tech permits it, that will be shown and explained. That is to say if The Algorithm allows this device to report the truth.

otterwalks:  4th June 2015  -Originally from 28th January 2015


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