Earthquakes Continue Off Oregon Coast

This is continued reports updating this prior post; Link:    

The Earthquakes have been the reaction of subduction, a slow progressing of undersea volcanism do to the accrued pressures where the plates meet. Hence, the generated heat below and the changes that it foments. These 10.0km shakes are tectonic motion loosed by a lubricating effect brought about by the change of solid geologic states, by heat form slippage pressures and the movement of magma toward the surface. We have seen lava flows, the liquid state of once solid, cool structure and substance that are the geologic features of this planetary body. 

From 8th May through 3rd June there have been 9, on record, notable earthquakes above 4.0M -multitude. Below the graph the image shows, as does the recent graph, that the 10.0km depth is a virtual constant.

The confluence of these topological features creates a stressor zone. This map charts the locations of multiple magnitude earthquakes, all within the same depth range as shown in the legend.

This is from 3rd June 2015. It is the location of the 4.oM EQ near a feature unique to the area. A mound formation, it resides at about the 10 o’clock position, at the upper left of  this image of the event.  The blur emits in several directions from the base of that apparently conical feature. It is the type of imagery that is seen where there are undersea vents releasing thermal values. The differential to the constant of the area norm stream along contoured pathways. Over distance, they spread and the heated waters rise, spreading with changes in ridge structure and the currents.

Activity in the north Pacific, over the last month, around the Ring of Fire… Red is today, orange yesterday, yellow the past two weeks, and the purple is the epicenter of events over the past fifteen years.

Above IRIS -click north Pacific -Link:  

otterwalks:  4th June 2015


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