Paradox? First Glimpse Double Take on Atmospheric Particulate Refraction

First thought… The sun is behind this image of crystal refraction.

Next, in the center, is a shadow of an aircraft; looking down at the sun? 

Being a sceptic, and researcher that works hard to vet imagery and news, this seemed enhanced or a CIG creation. That many Hexagonal crystals could have a natural origin such as a volcanic irruption, but given SRM, and the many aspects and shear quantity of GeoEngineering; I find it extremely doubtful that this is a  -natural event. 

Logic demands that the combined histories of color photography and flight, create a very short data bank potential for this; that, from the view that it has a basis in truth. 

The shadow of an airplane from the sun above, as the sun lights the clouds from the far side of the cloud, below? That is the paradox of this image and why it is farfetched to say it is anything more than a synthetically formed atmospheric field. This propagation, a fact, which results from light being deflected while passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another; or through an artificial medium.

images credit  Alexey Zolotnycyn   1*

Many different particulates are ice nucleating. There is a growing body of evidence that is proven out through refractive imagery and collected sample identification. As more Smart Dust, CHAFF, holohedral graphene, and other Carbon based formations are used in aerosol slurries, more  people are recording its proliferation. 

You cannot disburse these composites at high altitudes and not have them become fallout, during which traverse. various crystallization structures form around these particulates. More so it would seem we are seeing the global record expand regarding this type of catalyst particulate.  

Six sided columnar light refraction chart above, with a potential natural phenomenon of the same constitution; hexagonal crystals of ice with the light source and the imager at the requisite time and space.   

image credit open source Stockholm, Sweden

Quote:  Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997

1*   Link:    

2*  Another similar artificial event imaged by Crew as the event came to pass…   Link:  

3*  And here: Progression of the synthetic event; this with an aircraft below the -Halo…  Link:  

otterwalks:  1st June 2015


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