Earthquake Swarm Off Oregon Coast in Pacific

A notable 5.8M EQ has struck among other earthquakes in this region. This is the San Juan de Fuca Ridge, where undersea volcanic activity continues. Here is the data in imagery…

Hum… What’s that little nubbin at 11 o’clock?  More if these continue today. It looks like Heat is being released to the east southeast. shown as a blurred, drifting haze…   ?

A last minute check shows that a very concise report has been posted on this ongoing earthquake/volcanism…   Here is a link to get much more data. I would not be surprised to see this first report added to as they continue their research on global tectonic events. Here is the DUTCHSINSE Link:   


Here are images from other earthquake sites and image types. The activity continues at the 10km average depth. This under sea volcanic ridge swarm continues into the 2nd June 2015.

Above shows the turning point of the Blanco Fracture Zone, with the San Juan de Fuca Ridge,  in the Axial Seamount.

Continued imagery, this from the 2nd June ’15

Here the yellow are prior EQ’s, the blue is the recent 4.2, and the orange is the 3.9. Note that the depth continues at 10.0km or 6.2 miles.  

This is a history of relatively recent activity with a depth legend: self evident.

Zoom in with the 5.9M circled in white.

For your truth news and consideration…   

otterwalks:  1st June 2015   -Updated on 2nd June ’15…


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