Texas -Oklahoma -Midwest Hit By Extreme Weather Devastation

After last night’s post, regarding the Extreme Weather outlook for Texas, and the southern central plains States, The Guardian reports on -Texas Flash Floods Case Death and Destruction – in Pictures. Credits at the end of article.

These are the earliest images that have surfaced, They are largely from  Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, San Marcos, and along the Blanco River, Wimberley.  Oklahoma imagery will doubtless emerge over the course of the day.

Here is the link to the report from the early hours of the 26th May 2015:

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/snippet-weather-25th-into-26th-may-2015/   

Top image Corpus Christi House washed away by Flash Flood. 

image credit Jerry Lara/EPA

Next: Austin streets flooded… image Drew Anthony -Smith/Getty Images

Next: Whole Earth Provisions -Austin… image Drew Anthony _Smith/ Getty images

Next: Hyde Park district -Austin… image Zuma/Rex Shutterstock

Next: I-45 Houston -Note oil skim: image Aaron M. Sprecher/AFP/Getty

Next: DPS Trooper on Highway 12 bridge over Blanco River in Wimberley

image credit Jay Janner/Zuma Press/Corbis

Next: Blanco River Home reduced to foundation… 

Image Rodolfo Gonzales/AP

Bottom: Firefighter rescues woman from Flash Flood waters in San Marcos…   image credit Don Anders/Reuters

Extreme Weather continues as Technocratic investiture in Weather modification and covert future Weather Weaponry expand operations globally. Aerosols and the induction of RF/EMF events continue. 

Yahoo News is saying: 

SAN ANTONIO -Reuters – Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Monday described the flash flooding that had killed at least three people in his state as Quote: A relentless wall of water that mowed down huge trees like they were grass. End Quote…

Abbott declared states of disaster in 24 counties and flew over the area south of Austin to assess the damage caused by tornadoes, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and flooding that forced evacuations and rooftop rescues and left thousands of residents without electrical power. Quote: This is the biggest flood this area of Texas has ever seen -Abbott said. It is absolutely massive – the relentless tsunami-type power of this wave of water, the governor said. He described homes that were -completely wiped off the map -by the dangerous weather system that struck Texas and Oklahoma.

Mammatus clouds have pouchy formations, as seen above over southeastern Texas prior to the fall of a massive lake of atmospheric water -for lack of a better term… They will often occur, building, prior to different Extreme Weather Events. In the midwestern United States these clouds form prior to Manmade Extreme Weather outbreaks. This is another image of mammatus clouds overhead from San Antonia, Texas.

Here is another image, this one from Milan, Italy; July of 2014…

Above Mammatus cloud images open source…

Observing receding Flash Flooding in Austin, Texas…

Austin, Texas… 

Twelve are reported missing at this time, with differing reports on the number of confirmed dead; the latest has that total at five.

Drudge Report 2015 has links to more stories as they are reported in the upper left hand corner.  Link:  http://www.drudgereport.com/  

The latest as it becomes available…  

otterwalks:  26th May 2015

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