HAARP -IRI -Ionospheric Heater Event Dodge City, Kansas

Another Ionospheric Heater -A.K.A. -HAARP; now labeled IRI, Event registered on the 22nd May 2015. Simultaneously, Nevada NEXRAD installations where operational over Austin and Ely, Nevada in Scalar Wave Experimentation.  Co-opted Tesla Scalar Bottle paradox operations are a frequent event over the Nevada Proving grounds. One such event is visible in the mostly red and black imagery from CONUS2 below…

As is the norm, there are time stamp negations of the HAARP family return frames. Note: Slowly the label HAARP will be replaced by a label which has a broader coverage of the many types of Tech that are in use to these ends. 

This Dodge City -Fort Dodge, Kansas NEXRAD -KDDC Radar imagery shows two time spans censored. The first covers one half hour and the second one and one half hours average has been kept from the public. 

The first image, and most of the other various real time site imagery, is near the end of the event. As the EMF fades, the systems begin to format return images again. Looking at numerous sites, and many different means of reading the frequencies of the Wave Form, allows for slightly differing time stamps aiding in clarification. These are generally only minutes in their variations, but together they aid in assembling the duration of the impact of this unnatural radiation which in all reality is the advent of Future Weapons.

Here is a run of imagery from this event. The format is seen without the classic Ring. Doubtless it would be present in the negated data. Often this type of RF/EMF form is seen within images that fall under the old label HAARP Ring. You see the perimeter or the Ring, and locations of frequency, which are off the chart or the legend format. It will illustrate a color which is not on the legend, if it is, it is listed as RF or UK -Unknown… 

Below imagery from Cod -College of DuPage -in single site format…

Next is CONUS2 Composite Mosaic Imagery… Note some of the Laser Play out of Reno, Nevada -KRGX NEXRAD…

NIUKS Radar…

Satellite loop from Unisys, with event registering in last frame of loop…

More, varied sites that show portions of the event…

This is the CoD Hydrometeor return with the incoming burst recorded…

CoD Echo Tops single frame from the loop below…

As we move into the summer months for the northern hemisphere, we are likely to see a continued increase in testing upon the populous. This, as it gets warm in the arctic latitudes, where large numbers of various types of array fields composed of antenna, parabolic dishes, mimicked Tesla coil variants, and beyond top secret installations from locations in numerous countries operate. That will be revisited in list and location form in the future. 

For now, all that can be said is that this is illegal testing upon the citizens, or it is of an origin that is other than under the control of U.S. quislings. Usurpers to the Constitution living in the belief that a future invested in the Eugenics school will enhance their future through preservation.

Psychological propaganda is an easy indoctrination tactic for those that actively imbed new followers. This is a mass hypnosis, using soft spoken key phrases, which allow a feeling of being-ness. It is a safety in numbers, like minded belief system, empowering one within a group. All of the over population, sustainability. closed environment lectures, open the door to wrong thought. It is easy to think: Man these people are so stupid, a waste of allocations! That begins the core process that enables the negation of the many for the advancement of the few; in belief!

Eugenics is defined: as the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.

It is a new label for genocide, the deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation. Its origins were aimed at breeding stronger life forms, in particular those of the Royals or elites. It has taken new meaning with time and the advent of the Transhumanist movement that Technocracy now works toward. 

As human beings we need to go with the flow of life. We need to access the events that effect our daily lives, wonder, evaluate, and question; why it is that we are in a particular situation. We are gifted the insight to choose paths, that are free, or closer to free of static interference. To think is to project the events of the future with a slant toward that which is envisioned.

Thus, positivity is a centered mind, which with time and practice gain insights which will anneal temporal absolutes and remove stresses in the probabilities of malleable future events. First softening the impact as one passes into the future in dream time, and then creating anew the potentiality that lies ahead; that for the betterment of humanity through Mind over Matter.

We are frequency, we are one in tonal vibrant homogeneousness. From whence you have come, you will return, on the flow of the Energy Which IS.   

otterwalks:  26th May 2015

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