From Yahoo News: Is it a UFO? Sun Halo Sparks Fear and Jokes in Mexico

So, here you have it. Again, a synthetic Parhelion, not a true, naturally occurring Sundog, and it is labeled safe! If this was a natural event you would have multiple suns refracted in the circumjacent ring. 

This is due to Solar Radiation Mitigation, GeoEngineering Aerosols, Heavy Metal particulates that are created in such a way as to create hexagonal ice crystals. Ice Nucleating particulates have come a long way from the early weather modification operations using silver iodide for cloud seeding. The list of catalysts in use today have, among many, potassium iodide, silver nitrate, chemicals and Toxic Metals like Aluminum, Strontium, a spectrum of Radioactive isotopes, magnesium, and the list continues to evolve and grow.

Stratospheric aerosols are inserted into, above, in front of or behind atmospheric currents. These are design elements, incorporated in use, brought forth by the R and D which The Algorithm presents. There may not have been overhead spraying where this event took place. From the imagery it is likely that the nucleated crystals overhead have blown in. Areas of concentrated disbursals can/will travel. As they pass through moisture laden regions, the nuclei bonds to form ice crystal fields and the viewers angle of perspective gives rise to the phenomenon. 

Even NASA researchers have found and published that high altitude -metallic aerosols and mineral dust the ingredients of these covert operations; formed condensation around seeded nuclei. 

Here is a Link which happens to be handy. It is not putting out the entire story, but it is not a complete propaganda effort either…  

This is a full spectrum agenda. This event absent refractive secondary suns is evidence of the presence of deliberate actions to propagate means to control humanity. This is a Technocratic plan, now under umbrella labels like GeoEngineering, HAARP, Ozone Negation, Global Warming, and Climate Change; which end in CO2 Taxation, Weather Wars, Food as a Weapon, Extreme Weather Events, and more than that implies… 

Here is a run of photographs from the many that are from many different sources and from varied locations and times of the event. As the images progress in time you can begin to see the veils of fallout that are dimming the ring. Compare the last image in this run with the image published showing a near clear sky parhelion with on refracted secondary suns in the halo as it is being termed.

The toxic waste has begun to leaden the sky in this last image from the 21st. This is absolute proof that this is a creation of the hand of man. 

At this link you will find another progression like this…  Link:  

Today the 22nd May 2015 there where six nations around the world that were easily found to have photographed and posted images of synthetic Heavy Metaled Parhelion events. There were likely more to be found. The point is that NASA in its SRM and SAG –GeoEngineering operations, with increased time of continued aerosols now publishes that over 30% of the suns rays have been successfully blocked from reaching earth. Some recent reports say 33%, with a new term entering the social lexicon; The Glare Factor. This due to another avenue or potential which is the negation of ozone allowing high levels of UV Radiation to pass unencumbered by earths protective shield; the ozone layer.

In the mid-1980s, when meteorologist Gerry Stanhill reported that a dramatic 22 percent reduction of sunlight had occurred in Israel between the 1950s and the 1980s, the news hardly made a splash in the scientific community or popular press. But Stanhill was not alone in measuring such a drop. When he combed the scientific literature, he found that other scientists had measured declines of 9 percent in Antarctica, 10 percent in areas of the U.S., 16 percent in parts of Great Britain, and almost 30 percent in one region of Russia. Alarmed by the trend, Stanhill coined the term “global dimming.” By the turn of the 21st century, with mounting evidence of just how human pollution had caused it, global dimming finally gained the attention it warranted.  


That was thirty years ago, a full 33% Global Dimming is now in NASA white papers. Last this is an image that is close to a natural parhelion event. This is the rare multiple phantom suns that a true Sun Dog shows. Granted this image is from a time well into the Covert GeoEngineering Operations. It happens to be from a near arctic region on a day that was relatively, that is minimally possessed of atmospheric particulates. The formation of hexagonal crystals and the angle of the sun give rise to this rarity. A high percentage of artificial halos are happening with the sun at many different degrees, right up to ninety degrees overhead.

image credits open source     Below the Yahoo News article continues…


Mexico City (AFP) – Was it a UFO? A sign that the end is nigh?

A rainbow-like halo surrounded the sun over Mexico City on Thursday, an optical phenomenon that triggered a social media frenzy of pictures and jokes about the end of the world.

I have received some 30 phone calls from people who are scared and think that it’s a bad omen, others think it means it will rain more than expected,” the coordinator of the National Weather Service, Juan Manuel Caballero, told AFP.

Quote: I’ve had to repeat several times: No, it doesn’t hurt if you don’t look at it directly. End Quote… 


So says Yahoo News…  If you wish, Corporate or State Run media…

otterwalks:  22nd May 2015 


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