4.8 Earthquake Strikes Nevada North of Las Vegas as Swarm Begins

A substantial earthquake registering 4.8 has registered north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Seven Earthquakes have been in a relatively tight region and have depths that are in the 8.0km to 10.0km range. 10km is 6.2 miles deep. 

The map database provides geologic coverage of an area of current hydrogeologic and tectonic interest. The Thirsty Canyon NW quadrangle is located in southern Nye County about 20 km west of the Nevada Test Site -NTS -and 30 km north of the town of Beatty. 

The short of it is that this is happening over Nevada Proving Grounds.This is the southern part of the Walker Lane belt. The Thirsty Canyon NW map provides new geologic information for modeling groundwater flow paths that may enter the map area from underground nuclear testing areas located in the NTS about 25 km to the east. 

A total of 828 underground tests, consisting of 921 detonations, took place at the NTS. The U.S. Congress has never ratified the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; however, the United States has maintained this cessation in nuclear testing. 

There is more to the under lying story than is know o,r what can be told short of a book. This will be followed and news added if it should continue.

otterwalks: 23rd May 2015


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