Irving, Texas Site of Another 3.3 Fracking Earthquake

Irving, Texas has again been the site of a Fracking induced Earthquake. This, a reported 3.3 EQ with a depth that is all too interrelated to both operational and played or decommissioned sites.  

I am beginning to think that the reason there is a war on backyard, homegrown gardening, is that past toxic wastes contaminating the surface lands is present. When these operations move out, after some time, the land is being developed for human inhabitation. 

If…  If people are planting in these ungoverned Love Canals, that are the phantom ghosts of past abuses, they are going to become ill. If an entire area that has been so misused begins to show illness, and a correlation is made, it will act as a catalyst. That questioning will lead to research and further actions. There is a movement; a paradigm shift: this is the greatest fear of the Authoritarian Plutocrats. 

It may seem pie in the sky, but each useful idiot that has a cessation put to their agenda, will be made to make a choice. Each scamming realtor, banker, insurer, lawyer that has been accruing funds at the expense of the people, will fall penniless or be judged by their piers for their criminal activities. This is far worse than historic sales of swamp land in Florida! 

While this may seem of topic, from nuclear, petrol chemical, industrial, and agricultural waste the waters and the earth is being made uninhabitable. 

This, one tiny slice of Eugenics…

otterwalks:  19th May 2015

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