Cannon AFB HAARP -IRI -Ionospheric Research Instrument or Ionosphere Heater Event

The Northern Hemisphere season for optimum usage of HAARP class future weapons is off to a rapid start. System upgrades have enlarged the capacities of the global interfacing of these with all other Radar system formats. As well, the existential existence of The Algorithm has produced enhanced filter capabilities. More is happening and less is imaged!

An Ionospheric Heater, A.K.A. HAARP Event has registered center at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. While two hours of the event have been negated from public record, confirmation of the Weather Weapon event comes with this NWS Tornado Warning issued for Midland/Odessa, Texas. There is also an extreme weather warning visible in imagery from Amarillo, Texas at 4 PM local, this, for severe thunderstorms. It sits in imagery directly on high FR/EMF registration.

There are many images that are essentially the foot print and static resonance of the passage of the impact. More on that imagery below. This is an inbound overload, well over 3 billion giga watts. The NEXRAD phased array system generally works on a 175,000 watt format. That is being upgraded, and The Algorithm is learning to negate such incoming radiant passages. For now these will show the event as well as the filter system let frames of returns slip through. First a copy of the warning… 

Recent Warnings:


This is an approximation of the perimeter of the RF given past ring imagery.  


These are from the NWS… The basic NOAA, NASA, DoD -DARPA overview system that starts negating the outgoing imagery while the Actuaries are fed to The Algorithm.  

These are from the NUI weather network…  

This imagery is from the College of DuPage, first their black background composite mosaic imagery…

Base Reflectivity rendering the final frame after a two hour censorship.

This is the Specific Differential format showing the same last two images as the event fades. The dissipation of the EM Wave Form registers as a speckled static where the highest energy remains.

 Hydrometeor Classification… This, as it sounds is the format used to measure size of particulate fallout. This was a mostly cloudless time frame.  

This is called Echo Tops. It is your Stratospheric view of the pulse as it passes. From 70,000′ you see concentric rings which are actually cork screwing into the trajectory. Here at the end of the attack, you can see some remnants of rings. This format is heavily used in flight navigation. it is supposed to show the areas of heaviest precipitation, again there are clear skies in the region of the inner range ring.

Next are images from the CoD single site, NEXRAD locals with 24 loop gifs, to put the event into perspective.

Inversions and radar ground clutter are among the tales you will be told when you search the progenitors of these systems. The menu items above are different in many ways. Most of the dialogue you will find relates to base returns or .05 degree inclination of the Radar Laser and its return data stream. You will find words like Super-refraction, Inversion, and Ground Clutter. These terms are not part of the discussion at this time. They are mentioned to forewarn of the propaganda that is ever changing. Descriptions regarding Radar returns is encyclopedic, it is not summarized in a short paragraph or even a few pages. The use of these terms is applied for your edification; you are to believe that labels that can describe certain events is one and the same for all imaged events covering many menu formats.

This is an example of what is described as Inversion; though it is labeled clutter. More duplicity to confuse and divert the facts bearing truths. It is not dated, it does not give the location, nor the time stamp which morning is sited as the time that inversion is recorded and imaged. What is true about it is that you can see that it is above Oklahoma; in fact it is out of NEXRAD KDDC, Fort Dodge or Dodge City, Kansas Radar. It is also the same type of event that you have seen above. This is just an example, it does not relate to the event from midday on the 19th May 2015. 

The similarities are apparent. This is near the end of an ELF Wave Form that impacted some time in the past. It extends beyond the range rings giving light to the extreme energy levels it possessed.  

That is the better part of the essence of this RF/EMF -IRI Event. The one last potential to mention is that in the Cod imagery above, the legend goes down to and below earth in it frequency registration. The lowest labeled color is black and it is noted as TH. Generally that relates to Theta waves or frequencies below 4 Hz. As these images record and present this spectrum on a black background, it is plausible that there are frequencies present, but negation occurs due to the similarity of color.

otterwalks:  20th May 2015


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