6.8 Earthquake/s Register Off Japan’s East Coast -Reactors Stable?

Japan, according to the USGS earthquake registration system, has had a 6.8 earthquake northeast of the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor site. Four years ago an earthquake rocked the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which, as a result, experienced a release of radiation. 

Corporate Media reports claim no issues with nearby reactors that are online. As well, the word being spread is that the Fukushima waste land has not been damaged. As most all of the Radioactive Fukushima nuclear issues are leaching below ground, and they have no idea how to address the issue, this seems suspect. Common sense and logic dictate that action and reaction must be in play. One can hope that fissures that carry contaminates could be compressed and closed…  ?   

Need more be said of the implications of subsequent earthquakes in this region of Japan?

Here is a run of data related to this/these earthquake/s as reported. with satellite imagery and maps. Included are maps of the locations of Japans Nuclear reactors.

For your consideration…  Reactors safe and don’t think about the condition of the subterranean geologic stability! -?… 

otterwalks:  13th May 2015


About otterwalks:

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