Amid the massive RF/EMF Operations that are ongoing in the south central region, from Houston through all of the Gulf States to the east, a HAARP Ring -IRI event has presented. This event was registered center out of southern Georgia at Robbins AFB. All Data flow has been negated as per The Algorithm’s mannerism. 

This event covered a minimum of 2 hours, starting at 7:40 AM Eastern and continuing for the next 2.25 hours. This gif does not show the complete range; its last event image at 13:42 UTC, or 9:42 Eastern. These are images that appeared on the CONUS2 Radar feed. Radar has dropped back to 4th February 2015, which has been an operational format convened at that date. A close look often need be taken when searching Radar feeds to ensure that you are seeing real time Radar actions. Through examination of numerous feeds the beginning of the event can be calculated by the times that the censorship begins. The end time is assumed. Here is what imagery could be gathered prior to the interfaced shut down…

Above is one of the few images that remained prior to censorship. Below, is the wind speed graph for the event with ND -No Data. It was the next menu item that was checked and a quick recheck of the above image showed it blank.

This is the NIU Radar feeds imagery of the thump. To get this just breaking news out fast they have not been annotated. You can see arcs in the southeast that are the outer and smaller concentric rings of the nearly erased HAARP Ring: IRI Pulsed Radiant impact. 

This is the NWS, -National Weather Service -which is often the very first to censor. Given the link to NOAA, The US Navy, NASA, and all subsidiaries under the NWS, it has been a constant. In the upper right you can see the time stamp is looping.  

There are many potentialities for this events usage. At this time Weather Modification is among them. This is Future Weaponization… It is Radiation, Frequency -E. -Pollution; it goes to a Technocratic Agenda which is advancing Globally. In reality this could have been born in many locations around the globe and ping pong’d off the ionosphere multiple times to eventually impact the triangulated local. It registers center at the point of highest synthetic wave form. This, among the hundreds of interfaced Radar installations that send out returns. It is comprised of overlapping images from sites that pick up varying degrees of the Wave Form as it impacts. Doubtless there are many that occur which we have no civilian knowledge of. This is also a more effective system seasonally. The poles are the optimum locations for the generation of this electromagnetic energy bursts. Optimum function happens at their respective summer peaks. We have moved out of Antarctic peak season and are beginning to enter the Arctics operational window for generation with peak efficiency.

Remember the name or label of the Alaskan array system has been changed to IRI, in an effort to confuse the general public. This way lies of omission can be told. It can be said, in half truths, that HAARP has been shutdown. Many will assure you that is far from the case!

otterwalks:  11th May 2015 


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