Evidence Mounts That Played Fracking Regions Still Pose Earthquake Threat

In putting forth the Fracking Earthquake Swarms that daily present in Oklahoma, new evidence is showing that it is not only the catalyst of the operative Fracking -Shock action that induces these events, but that areas in which past Fracking sites exist, the past actions of Fracking have left a remaining danger. The changes created in geologic substructural integrity are in continued motion. An analogy would be the growth of, and appearance of new sink holes in regions that the water table has been potentially by natural or, artificial technocratic means lowered.   

There have been several 3.3 Fracking EQ’s in Oklahoma today. This is one example of both an area that has been sensitized from past abuses and as well an area that shows clearly the censorship of satellite imagery of the region.  

With the 4.0 Fracking EQ still on the map, a new 3.2 FEQ has occurred near Langston/Guthrie, Oklahoma.    

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  8th May 2015


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