Toxic Chemicals, Parasites, Flash Burn: The Trees Are Dead

This is a Post Script regarding the current state of forestation in New England and elsewhere…

Parasitic growth signals the decay and immanent fall of oaks and a growing number of other species of tree. Weakened from toxic attack, they become host to insects, further weakening trees as their life is devoured. 

The insurance brokers used to pay for a downed tree. A 60 or 70 foot tall oak would be worth around $1000. Now, if they fall, damages are labeled -Acts of God, and not even removal is covered! The dialogue has taken a new label which most have not grasped the full meaning of. This issue is called -Rapid Oak Die Off. One day soon people will know that it relates to Flash Burn due to UV Radiation and from the many years of toxic assault they have endured.   

It is growing throughout these branches. Hope to add an image in the future… Updated… These are the same type or family as grow here. OnIsland they look this long after rain. Generally they are shorter and remind me of the HO Train tree pieces that were sold as parts to making dioramas.

otterwalks:   6th May 2015


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