Aerosols Photographed at Home and Over Key West -Caught on Radar

Yes, there are many online images… Many are better than these. These however, were shot by Crew just missing, first two drones and then the squadron of tankers that flew past overhead, beyond sunset. This, on 5th May 2015. Sorry, it took time to get his camera and the two drone passes were missed. Next time! Today is the aftermath; toxicity taking its’ toll, the refractive glare effect present, and a leadened sky replacing the canvas that passed for blue sky yesterday. 

Following there are two real time Radar returns fro Key West, Florida. That is NEARAD KBYX, here is the link if you would like to click through:

At this time you will see migratory speckling appear between 14:00 and 17:00 UTC. If you are late, click the number of images up to 200 on the left. 

These are only the most recent and at this time continue to develop. When there is time there is a massive data dump of aerosols captured on Radar to present. It is a continuing operation and shows up across the States on the NEXRAD system imagery.

Starting from southwest to northeast, then east to west, north to south, northwest to southeast, north to south, northeast to southwest, and this last is north-northeast to south-southwest.  

Here are early images, followed by loops to add perspective…  

GeoEngineering updates from New England and The Gulf, where Weather Modification is in full swing. All of that Californian moisture has to be steered somewhere… 

otterwalks:  6th May 2015

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