#IWatchU Propaganda Advertisement Admitting Weather Control

Imagine my surprise when I should come upon this advertisement…

Please, for your sake and that of those around the world do not buy one of these and put RF/EMF directly in contact with your skin. 

Boycott Apple’s IWatch!      –      #IWatchU

These are made in work conditions that are modern sweat shops. The jobs have been taken from the U.S. and the in crew profits from the pain of other humans. We can all thank the likes of Al Gore and his friends and minions for the lack of jobs that were the fodder that made this Republic the Cupcake on the top of the garbage heap of the world. 

Here is one of many peoples favorite disinformation platforms; NPR, on the topic…    Link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2014/03/28/295715854/made-in-china-but-was-it-made-in-a-prison   

I did not know that our beloved Apple would come up so fast. Here is a link, it is adequate; it has a number of images including the suicide nets that have become all too familiar a sight. 

Link:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2103798/Revealed-Inside-Apples-Chinese-sweatshop-factory-workers-paid-just-1-12-hour.html  

otterwalks:  3rd May 2015


About otterwalks:

Iroquois; Mohawk: Member Longhouse Medicine Society. Tasked by elders to aid the Awakening. Healer, working to negate the ill effects of the pernicious Technocratic attack upon life. Detoxification, balanced living, and critical thought are today's preeminent necessities. Card Carrying Member Native American Church. Have never used a cell phone. I am looking for MacBooks that are unused. i will pay shipping, need not your HD, and rebuild. I do not use Facebook, Twitter, et al. . Archiving IRI Events, Aerosols, Weather Modification, GeoEngineering Operations, all, for future evidentiary presentation. That goes to the Crimes Against Humanity now being perpetrated Globally! We are being Exterminated! It is called Eugenics...! o... Survive All... Awareness is Preparedness... o... Look Up!
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2 Responses to #IWatchU Propaganda Advertisement Admitting Weather Control

  1. otterwalks: says:

    Howdy found a way into the Like and Comment formats. Thank you for your efforts. Much Love all around, to you, yours, and as Miss Amerika would say the World.


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