4.2 -4.1 -3.3 EQ’s Lake Pend Oreille -Sandpoint, Idaho Area

Pronounced Pond-O’RAY… This is a region of historic events. The region is know as The Purcell Trench or The Hunting Trench. It sits at an average 2000′ elevation. It is the Panhandle of Idaho, and is such due to two existing mountain ranges which run North-South on either side. To the west is the State of Washington, and on the right lies Montana. 

These are significant earthquakes next, right next to an old home of mine. This lake and one to the south, Lake Coeur d’Alene -Core duh-Lane -lies south. During WW11 these two lakes, the deepest fresh water lakes in the western US, where sites used in testing submarines under development.  It is 43 miles -69 km -long, and 1,150 feet -350 m -deep; deeper than Loch Ness.

This region was a corridor used by paleo peoples in the migration southward into what is now the lower 48. It has extremely rich soil, has weather akin to the 40th parallel, or about as far south as Boulder, CO. It’s one great set back in my experience is its’ low light constant. In the winter there where days the sun did not rise until near 9 AM and set at 3 to 3:30 PM. Several years for nine months there was 6 days with sunlight; 4 of them only for a few hours.

Regarding the earthquakes, here is a link to a report out six hours ago…


Purcell Trench Fault is through Lake Pend Oreille, it is one of many fault lines that run through the panhandle down to Missoula, Montana. They are on the west edge of the North American Craton.

This is south of the Idaho panhandle. It is the other deep fresh water lake that was mentioned above. It is placed here to convey the avenue of the glacier activities of the past. 

As you can see, this is the USGS hazard map, which is not the newest release, but Idaho’s panhandle falls under the mid-range of the legend. This location had a 5 plus earthquake in 1942. There have been other shakes in this region which is deeply trenched with mountains rising in parallel bounds. 

otterwalks:   24th April 2015


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