ELF/VLF Measurements on Autonomous Buoys in the Southern Pacific Ocean

This is a data output to make it easy for anyone to quickly and easily research IRI -ex -HAARP and the many other Ionospheric Heaters that exist Globally. Of course they do…  This begins to cover the many aspects of Ionospheric heaters, their cousins, and aspects of the over view of data collection systems that work with frequency as well.

This is the age of Directed Energy Weapons -DEW… Think for a quick moment: how did past civilizations, in large part Empires, react when new unknown weaponry came upon them? The answer is rhetorical, but they got their tails handed to them as they did not react in a manor befitting the level of immanent threat. Yes, that is where the World is today. So here are reading materials in different formats that can be of use in your research. How close are you to one of these arrays, telescopes, mobile platforms, buoys, NEXRAD, et al.? 

Here is the research pdf to the above imagery….   Link:  http://scpnt.stanford.edu/downloads/12.%20Klein_Poster_PNT-Symposium.pdf  

You really just cannot make this stuff up. The agenda is so much more an appears, thus takes many compartmentalized operations to refine the overall Technology.   More Links:  

Experiments with the HAARP Ionospheric HeaterUseful Links  




This one is out of date in some small ways. It has some listed that are decommissioned, and lacks many other locals. It still lists 87 without a quick dozen that are online now, and there are more new installations and upgrades to old…  Link:


Within these links, reside countless other links to the web of data on RF/EMF -frequency methodologies beyond and specific to -HAARP -Now labeled IRI -and the many other sites with labels other than HAARP that are the same end Technology.

otterwalks:  22nd April 2015

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