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Lost in Translation… This is about 20th April 2015 weather as it presents in New England. Some large portion of this piece vanished. It is still enough just in its imagery…

Highly radiant NEXRAD activity. Green is supposed to be air movement toward the NEXRAD station, red is air movement having passed the installation. The Yellow is very high RF/EMF shown in the top of the legend in this Radar format.  The blues are its compliment being the in the minus range of listed frequencies. The violet or purple is off the chart; it is not on the legend. The usage of lasers, arrays, satellites, et al. is inducing heat into environments. That heat is Radiation! This is an extremely simplistic data dump with a helping of rant!

Back on point: The speckled outer ring is akin to a post HAARP dissipation. That Label, HAARP, is outdated and subsequently misleading. All that is being researched and activated is future weaponization. Weather can be, and is, a means to ends which for most are unseen.  It was extreme weather, we must have had a 100 year storm, we never have tornados!  When will this drought end? That was like a lake fell out of the sky. Look at the size of those weird hail stones! Another Polar Vortex and more snow? It was just an earthquake… Nothing to see, move along. 

When, historically, new weapons came upon the scene, those that were confronted with them found themselves in disbelief. Or robbed, raped, and pillaged. That friends is where we stand today. The DOE and NNSA budgets for 2015 and forward show bazar allotments going to programs that are often referred to as Conspiracy Theory. Yet, there they are in writing on page 300 something of a 4 or 5 hundred page budget document. That game works less all the time, too many people are asking key questions. Too many see that Technocracy is equal to enslavement. The propaganda spun by the talking heads is being seen for what it is; conspiratorial actions by a corruption riddled system.

Here comes the storm these are now several hours old. The first two are from KBOX Boston NEXRAD. The last Radar image is just south on Long Island. That is KOKX Brookhaven Labs next door to where Tesla’s Wardenclyffe site existed.

As you can see the air movement is Northeast, yet Radar returns show it as moving to the West; green on the right, red on the left. – ? That is manipulation of  atmospheric conditions, A.K.A. Weather modification.

Okay, the wind is high, the rain is heavy and passing in waves. Here is the latest returns as this has taken so long. I went back as I can hear the Hum of RF/EMF when it is upon me. My detectors show their presence, and the returns further confirm the frequencies are in use. From KBOX again…

I am off center at 5 o’clock… The triangle is the infamous Martha’s Vineyard Island, south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Yes, where that Mad Gay Header from Moby Dick came from. As well as the Kennedy, Dike Bridge scandal involving Mary Jo Kopechne’s death, vacation land of presidents… It is the home of the rich and famous. It is a Globalist hub with the comings and goings of both useful idiot minions, and higher level NWO beings.

A little longer and the ferry will stop running. This is FEMA Region 1 and being here is it’s own natural interment camp. 

One day, when there is time, I will make a map with the locations of interest. They all have a vested interest on this rock… 

otterwalks: 20th April 2015         420

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