Oklahoma Fracking Induced EQ’s Continue – Notable 4.1 EQ North of Guthrie Near Langston Repeats

On 17th April 2015 the ongoing Oklahoma Shakes presented a 3.9 and 3.8 EQ in close proximity. 

Today A notable 4.1 Fracking EQ has registered in the same location. All of these events are in an area that was once an active Fracking region. This adds further to suspicions regarding the delay effect Fracking produces. 

As you see the same played site is within a direct line of these earthquakes. As the fracking system employs a system running horizontal after reaching its desired vertical depth, it would seem that tomography would reveal this as the path of the Operation.

otterwalks:  19th April 2015  Lexington and Concord Day!  240 Years ago…


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