Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant Not Shut Down – Only Disinformation Regarding its Dismal Use as a Storage Facility

This is a continuation, the second part of what was to become a multipart report. The first can be seen on either otterwalks on WordPress or at this link. 1* This confirmation of radiation on radar began further research. The next installment will return to New Mexico, and its Fracking mania, where this story began. This is the event horizon that lead to the data which is to be the final piece on WIPP; New Mexico’s supposed closed storage facility. 

Having in depth knowledge of the history of the Rocky Flats Plant, 9 miles south of Boulder, CO and west of Denver, lead to questions of continued amassing of wastes. Knowing the years have gone by with few upgrades in nuclear energy production systems; this catalyst brought forth data which is clearly disinformation regarding storage of nuclear waste. 

You are told that a HOT location, such as these being addressed, and the truth is that they have become storage locations. There is nowhere to put the now is shut down plants waste, so it remain there! That is NOT a CLOSED reactor, it is an in use storage facility! This, as well becomes a major issue when coupled with the massive DOE and NNSA Budgets, the Military Budgets, and the lack of investiture made in some form of safe storage of the growing volume of transuranic – Manmade – radioactive detritus with the billions of years needed to burn through the half life of many of these new, not of this world, elements and isotopes. This is not a rarity. This type of recurrent, stationary, vibrant return locations are a constant when you watch the Radar. This is one that is big enough that research was demanded. After triangulating the central location, a search of the region turned up the Rancho Seco Nuclear plant.  In 1984 This plant made the NCR’s own list of the ten worst nuclear plants in the country. 2* Rancho Seco initially went critical on September 16, 1974. A few other highlights are a near meltdown in 1985, the 1987 leakage of 10,000 gallons of highly radioactive water, and in 1989 radioactive gas is released into the environment; these are but a few. 1* In 1988 The Sacramento Bee is quoted as saying: The never-ending series of mishaps are beginning to look like a very high-budget Marx Brothers film, with Harpo in charge of warning the city should there be an emergency. End quote… Actually, Harpo would likely be a great emergency warning person. -Personal opinion; especially given what can be seen at any given time. 3*

This is one of the feed back loops that have come to be; control and accountability, security, and as well transparency: at least to a point where the safety of the civilian populous is in question This is an example, one of many, Quote: The United States cannot fully account for more than 16,000 kilograms tons of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that it has shipped to 27 “friendly” countries in recent decades, and it lacks any coherent policy to track down the materials, a Government Accountability Office report concluded late last week. End Quote… 4* Not a Mother Jones fan they are another disinformation State Run Media mouth piece. This article happens to touch on a portion of truth; leaning to the conservative side of the actual numbers involved.

Rancho Seco was closed – ? -down in June of 1989.  On August 21, 2002, Rancho Seco completed placing all 493 spent fuel assemblies in dry storage at the onsite Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation – ISFSI. 5*

On 23rd October 2009, the NRC released the majority of the site for public use? There are 11 acres of land including a storage building for low-level radioactive waste and a dry-cask spent fuel storage facility remain under NRC licenses that remain.

That is NOT a closed Nuclear Plant! It is a Storage Facility! As it turns out, as with Fukushima, reactor site store fuel for use, have rods in use, and store their waste on site as there are no locations in which to contain this dangerous and inefficient, runaway energy production agenda. These are in no way containment systems the likes of which are needed. This amounts to the growing body of evidence that Eugenics is in play Globally.

These are satellite and Radar images which show that what has been discussed above is an actual threat and is ongoing…

This is the NEXRAD station which shows the returns. On any given day you can go to this site and you will see the continued radiant display.

These are returns from the 30th March through today 17th April 2015.

In the above sites imagery, you can see the white region. When compared with the legend, the return is off the chart in the Unknown category; it does not have a designated frequency as it is not natural to nature.

The next installment is one of the deepest rabbit holes that can be entered. The geologic location and the absurd amount of Petrol Chemical activites that surround the 10,000 year -? – nuclear depository will give great pause. There are many details to cover. The crux of this nuclear biscuit is the diinformation regarding its closure.

1*  http://planet.infowars.com/technology/fracking-eugenics-agenda-toxic-wasteland-new-mexico

2*   http://www.energy-net.org/01NUKE/RSECOT.HTM

3*   http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=DAX-N0Q-1-96

4*  http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2011/09/usa-lost-tons-nuclear-weapon-uranium

5*  http://www.nrc.gov/info-finder/decommissioning/power-reactor/rancho-seco-nuclear-generating-station.html   

otterwalks:  17th April 2015

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