DEW – MVAD’s – BBB – Future Weapons – Depopulation – Here And Now

This goes to Radiation, Directed Energy Weapons, the Blood Brain Barrier, and its transference via Albumin. These are only the small versions of systems that did not permeate the environment with radiation, imaged as frequency, a century ago… 


Jill McQuade received her doctorate in Neuroscience from the University of Cincinnati in 2002. She has been working with the AFRL Directed Energy Bioeffects Division, Radio-frequency Radiation Branch since 2003 as a Research Physiologist. During that time, she has worked on projects involving the effects of RF energy on the blood-brain barrier, the Active Denial System, and bioeffects of terahertz radiation. 

This  course goes to the BBB and the albumin transference issue…


Brain Damage From Cell Phones Could Hurt Teens Later In Life

Heavy use of mobile phones may put people at risk for neuronal damage. Salford et al. document serious neuronal damage in rat brains following exposure to microwave radiation from a cell phone, at levels comparable to what people would experience during normal use. Damage to nerve cells was observed in several places within the brain, including the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia. It was associated with evidence of leakage of proteins through the blood-brain barrier. The authors express concern that, after some decades of often daily use, a whole generation of cell phone users may suffer negative effects, perhaps as early as middle age.     Link:

From the battle theater, to radar ranges, cell towers to cell phones, WIFi to devices, electric ranges, refrigerators, CFL Bulbs; we are in a sea of invisible wave forms. Which action/reaction end, all is negative as regards life.

This new weapons race is a known to those that are its progenitors. The test results are in and they have all been shown to impact life in the negative. Yet, the future arms race continues unabated, for that very reason.

The same is true of temporal, consumer – Smart – goods. Indeed, even the 60 Hz household wiring systems, in the structures we live within radiate. One issue is that their usage combined with evolving products creates an amplified radiant environment. 

That, is being done by design. It is Corporate Greed in the now, and it is Eugenics as a successful Operation in the future.

Attempt limited usage. Boycott the evolution of Technocratic material goods. See through the propaganda! It is the future of this habitat that is at risk. Is that not what The Green Movement Preaches in its core agenda; truly propaganda?

otterwalks:   16th april 2015


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