Florida HAARP Ring Event – IRI – Filtered Return Enhanced

The NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar is one of the most advanced operational weather radar in the world. It is interfaced within a network of Radar installations which Raytheon, under different auspices, continue to upgrade surrounding international systems, and install new stations with equal capabilities, both at home and abroad. This is weather modification weaponization development. NEXRAD in the US works closely with Canadian and Mexican RF/EMF systems to given ends. The Algorithm that has been fed data, now returns outside the bounds of the data input potentialities. There are over 200 NEXRAD sites working as one system within the 50 US States. Hundreds more are part of the orchestrated agenda. Their radiant events, among efforts aimed at future Tech, are todays’ weather. Note: You must add in all of that which falls under the umbrella label GeoEngineering which adds another component of this full spectrum assault. That is for another time.

When, on the rare occasion, the overlapping dipolar Radar systems capture a future weapons pulse, the systems have continued to register the events without the legends showing UK – UnKnown – or on some site RF. Many simply go off the color range of their chart. When a 3.1 to 3.6 Billion Watt average electromagnetic wave form impacts earth, the mosaic nature of the numerous stations show the return with its center where the most energy is registered.  In this instance, NEXRAD KMLB Melbourne, Florida or its neighbor Doppler Radar station, Orlando International Radar documented the event. Most all Doppler or TDWR have been negated from public access feeds. They work largely in wedge shaped wheels, spoked radiants of RF/EMF. They are too telling when witnessed in concert with the machinations of NEXRAD. These systems, with IRI – Ionospheric Research Instrument -; once commonly known as HAARP and within the format of Ionospheric Heaters, are the weather guides. This is another example of the common spin used to confuse and misdirect people. It can be said that HAARP is not in usage if HAARP is now called IRI; there is no HAARP: and yet it is the same array in the case of Gakona, Alaska. 

There is always more than one Operation in the flow of R and D that feeds this Hive Mind. Technocrats attempt end goals with past actuarial data. The Algorithm consumes the data from its input directives, then at the speed of light it is tweaking pulses, oscillations, phased array, dual polar, micro wave lasers, and more, in the DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – refinement process. This is where it gets incongruous. Weather is fluid, a Globes’ worth of factors are being coaxed as potentially useful eco-system changes begin to present. Pressure systems are followed, the regions exhibiting potential for cell growth are seeded and induced with energy wave forms. Conductive fields activate rapidly with various end results. Some are in the form of the long game, others, rapid extreme weather. This often due Scalar Operations; again another complete topic from the past and into the future. This is extreme data compression. The lexicon has been made to lay terminology, and the components and their actions are massive. That is encyclopedic. It is evolving study that with time, the visual cues reveal the overall agenda. It is right there, in the open, even with the filtered returns. Aerosols, Frequencies, Pulses, TDWR interface, are among the censorship. 

This is about the times that there are enough of a hint within the returns to know there is active Directed Energy Weapons in use and they show their purpose. Here are some of the images of the HAARP – IRI – event from 10th April 2015. To allow visualization you will see the networks imagery as presented and enhanced imagery exposing the Ring impact. Visual satellite feeds also show the aftermath of atmospheric heating. However, for the most part the images are at best on per half hour. Most are one an hour and when something like this slips through, imagery is scrubbed. If you are only focused on the movement of the changes in cloud and cell formations, the Time Stamp may not be noticed and the frame that would contain the burst just happens to be missing…  

Here are the images from this resent HAARP Ring Event…

This is the NIUSE Radar imagery system showing the hint of the event.

In 2000, the U.S. Navy agreed to loan a phased array antenna to NSSL and provided the $10,000,000 – that’s ten billion in funding to build the National Weather Radar Testbed (NWRT). The NWRT is focused on developing faster actuarial analysis and techniques applied to severe and hazardous weather using phased array, and also upgraded existing WSR-88D radar technology. The National Weather Service provided the transmitter and yet more funding came from NOAA, OU, Lockheed Martin, and Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. OSRHE purchased the environmental processor. The FAA provided initial – Huh? I thought it was the Navy; funding for research, program management and initial upgrades. The NWS has donated equipment. The NWRT became operational in September 2003, and the first data was collected in May, 2004. 

For your consideration; more in the future… 

otterwalks:  14th April 2015


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