Oklahoma EQ Swarm Continues Into the 9th April -Alaska Active -Shaking Cobra Dane

The Fracking induced earthquake swarm that seems endless has produced a 3.7 EQ near Perry, Oklahoma, and a 4.3 followed in Guthrie near the airport. The 4.2 to the west of the airport isn’t the usual unpopulated area seen, nor sparsely so. This was, as was the 2.5 after shock that followed, in the town of Guthrie proper. It is also the second 4.2 EQ to hit. As well, it hit the same spot!

The USGS data and imagery shows a large part of this recent, yet continued shakes through the Oklahoma region.

About 1000 feet from the epicenter…

Between 650 and 700 feet to this likely decommissioned operation…

North of the airport about one mile from the epicenter…

Continuing into the 9th April… Another 4.3 within feet of the last event.

First the Guthrie 2.7 then moving North and at last west…

Again, the 4.3 returns at the same location! 

This is the 2.7in this swarm… South, and adjacent several played well zones.  Followed by a northeast played site and a lined pond to the northwest…

This is the 3.1 that followed with a played site less than 500 feet away.

Last is the 5 o’clock AM Eastern, North American EQ map. Looks to be quite the active day. A second 4.4 Alaska EQ has just registered in the Aleutian Island chain. These are listed as Adak Island, AK. This is next to one of the WW11 bases, the farthest western Air Squadron and Radar base. It is now the location of an active Array. On 6 April 1993, Shemya Air Force Base was renamed Eareckson Air Station, and remains the US base at the end of US Territory. There is a link to Eareckson Air Station which when located will be updated in this article.

image open source

Above is a Security patrolling the area around the Cobra Dane Radar system operated by the 16th Surveillance Squadron. Older AN/FPS-17 radar antennas appear in the background. Cobra Dane is in the fashion of the PAVE PAWS Star Wars family of powerful arrays which link to numerous space systems from satellites to platforms. Most of the links to these systems is kept under extreme secrecy.

otterwalks:  9th April 2015

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