Heavy Metaled Parhelion The Synthetic Recurrence Post Aerosols

While driving along about a mile of roadway, yet another Heavy Metaled Parhelion was captured. This one did not, from the vantages observed, present colors. It simply went the the halo as the Aerosols disbursed and the sky became the ill gray that is now mistaken as natural. The slurries continue to evolve in content and this may have had little ice nucleating particulates that formed the type of crystal that refracts sunlight with prismatic effect. 

Note: at this point censorship has taken the authors written word. The best attempt will be made to bring the article in its original form with all of the data previously provided. 

Here, the history and functional usage of CHAFF was discussed. For a complete history of how in the 50′s, freon was used with CHAFF in its disbursal. Isn’t that one of those Green House gases that are now said to be the cause of Global Warming; and aren’t We The People, the Anthropogenic perpetrators of such? Here is a link, as always one of many that are filled with white papers, FOIA acquired documents, transcribed presentations by those that are involved in these covert operations.  1*

The above link can be used for research of government documentation, patents, and operations that are from governmental sourced data. They are indisputable. 

As to the following event, it may be a slurry comprised of CHAFF with little silver oxide or similar ice nucleating materials. A Navy/Air Force 5-Yr Warfare testing operation includes toxic chemicals bound to polymer fibers including Aluminum coated fiberglass. The combinations of ingredients in these slurries continues to change. The CHAFF fibers may have any number of metals, desiccated blood, biologic weapon seed, programed nano bots, and doubtless DARPA and compartmentalized research hubs have additives that have not been detected or used at this point in time.

Here, in common speak, the type of CHAFF which is in use will act as a catalyst to form crystal shapes different in their synthetic nature given the nuclei’s material. Not all aerosols are heavily ladened with CHAFF, it is one agent used in aerosol delivery systems; the slurries. 2*

Note; This is not one of my go to reference or data sites. The; Quote: Sun dogs… End Quote: sited herein, are NOT of the synthetic type that is under investigation here. In this day, there would be a negligible potential that some atmospheric particulates where not involved. These can clearly be seen in the lower images in Wikipedia, from Stone Henge and Salem, MA. Note that this event does not have the historic records description of a halo with reflected suns adjacent.  3*

Quote: SRM programs use stratospheric aerosols like barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass known as CHAFF, radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, polymer fibers and more. End Quote… 4*

Here are a few of the images taken while racing down the road, stopping to image and moving on hoping to gather more data.

Above the disbursing aerosol trail, in the power lines at 4/5 o’clock there are visible stacked lines that look like shark gills. That has been shown to be the advent of electromagnetic induction into the created conductive field. It should be noted that UV eye wear protects the retina from the burn of the Glare Effect that the SRM –Solar Radiation Management– program has created. The latest NASA data dump has the reduction of sunlight impacting the earth up from the prior 20%, to fully over 30%. With this has come the leadened skies that are taken to be natural and what is now known, even by vision practitioners, as The Glare Effect.

Last point to make in this image and dialogue piece regards other skyward diagnostic hints visual to the eye. Often someone will say: Look there’s a rainbow in that cloud… These have come to be called, among other things, Chembows; synthetic clouds that are saturated with crystals refracting prismatic arrays. The Parhelion classically is a rarity and was associated with a circumambient colored propagation. That is not what we are seeing most commonly today! 

End the Covert Operations! Let the sun shine…

1*  http://www.google.com/patents/US3808595?printsec=abstract&dq=3808595&ei=B2hLULOsOoKs8ATWoYHgCw#v=onepage&q=3808595&f=false 

2* http://www.slideshare.net/roberthardt31/srm-geoengineeringto-stop-global-warming-with-ti02-and-aluminum-al-oxides-photocatalytic-oxidation-of-n-ox-co2-so2-ch4-n2o-cfcs-gases-using-tio2-causes-dna-damage-and-cancer-aent-2014-rsh

3*   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dogs  

4*  http://yournewswire.com/truth-time-pilots-doctors-scientists-tell-the-truth-about-chemtrailsgeo-engineering/

otterwalks:  8th April 2015

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